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Soccer variants
Status: Proposed (under way)
Proposed by: sarchittuorg
Tagging: soccer=*
Applies to: node,area,relation
Definition: Provides description of the variant played on a field
Drafted on: 2012-05-31
RFC start: 2012-05-31


sport=soccer currently is described with a sport=* tag, a surface=* tag and a leisure=* tag for the facility, but we could further describe the soccer variant played in the field we are going to tag. There's an invalid proposal (Proposed_features/soccer_field) which will be deprecated.


This tag should be added to the common set used (sport, leisure and surface).

Tag Description Media Notes
soccer=football The traditional soccer, played by two teams of eleven players each. A better key or we imply for sport=soccer the field is regular?
soccer=six_a_side Played by six players team aka Indoor Soccer
soccer=five_a_side 5v5 Probably the most common field except the normal sized one
soccer=futsal 5v5, recognised officially Variant of five_a_side, but officially recognised by FIFA
soccer=beach Soccer played on beaches Can be played also on sandy surfaces, not only on beaches
soccer=street Played on irregular fields Sometimes we see an irregular field with at least two goals (physical or drawn on a wall)