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Proposal status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: nobody4
Tagging: baseball=infield
Applies to: area, relation
Definition: adding the infield of a baseball field.

Rendered as: tan area
RFC start: 2011-10-29


An infield is the dirt area in a baseball diamond that includes first, second, and third base, home plate, and the pitcher's mound. Infields often, (but not always) have a grass area between home plate, the foul line, and the bases with the pitcher's mound in a dirt area in the middle, as shown in the diagram below. Baseball diamond.svg


One who is browsing the map may come across baseball diamonds. Unfortunately, a lot of people don't know about baseball, and seeing the infield may help them identify it as a baseball field and may even incline them to learn about the sport. Unless one knows some about baseball, he may find the shape of the baseball field weird, especially in places were baseball is not generally played. Moreover, seeing infields in Open Street Map will make the map more interesting and colorful, and maybe even more useful!

Additional Tags

Additional tags may be used along with this to make it more useful. Such tags may be:

leisure=pitch One could almost say use of this tag with baseball=infield is required. Use the infield tag without this will make it make no sense at all. sport=baseball


Rendering of this would simply be a tan area.

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