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Proposal status: Inactive (inactive)
Proposed by: Iagocasabiell
Tagging: natural=mean_low_water_springs
Applies to: Way
Definition: Line along the coast at low tide when the tide range is greatest. The height of mean low water springs is the average throughout a year of the heights of two successive low waters during those periods of 24 hours (approximately once a fortnight) when the range of the tide is greatest. See Mean Low Water Spring. This line also defines most of the maritime boundaries.

Draft started: 2019-09-05
Sand Ripples in Holkham Bay - - 443306.jpg

natural=mean_low_water_springs is proposed as a way to tag the Mean Low Water Spring, or Low Tide Line, and resolve most of the problems concerning intertidal zones.


Until now natural=coastline is used to map the Mean High Water Spring line, but there is no structurally equivalent for the Mean Low Water Spring line.

This proposal tries to solve most problems derived from it.

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