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Tennis wall
Proposal status: Draft (under way)
Proposed by: 413Michele
Applies to: node area
Definition: A small pitch with a wall used by tennis players to train alone
Draft started: 2021-07-13

Status of the proposal

After various comments on the Talk page and on the Tagging Mailing List, I realised that an agreed way of tagging practice pitches is needed, so I restored the status of this proposal to Draft and paused it. There is an abandoned proposal which could be solve the problem, and I intend to repropose the Tennis wall feature after I revived the practice_pitch proposal or alternatively after another solution is discussed by the community.


Tennis training walls are made of a small pitch, usually half the size of a full pitch (but can be smaller or bigger), and a wall. They are used by tennis players to practice shots without the need of a trainer or of a full pitch. The proposed scheme is:

This feature should be tagged as an area area covering the pitch (including the wall), or as a node node in the center of the pitch area.


At the moment, tennis training walls don't have a defined tag scheme in OSM, and are scarcely mapped if at all. They should be represented as they are of interest to tennis players who desire to train alone, and to add them to the Openstreetmap database.


These are the tags to be added to the area or to the node:

The leisure=practice_pitch tag should be used for pitches that are used for training only: pitches that are used for both matches and training purposes fall under the leisure=pitch case. The former can also be used for sports other than tennis, as leisure=pitch allows only one pitch per sport. With leisure=practice_pitch instead, a subtag could be used to specify any number of different facilities.

An alternative tagging could be:

but it has the problem that current renders would draw it as a full tennis wall. Furthermore, a training wall doesn't necessarily have meaning outside of tennis, and pitch=* is a generic tag.


A tennis practice wall
A tennis practice wall


As of now, no rendering is proposed, as that would be out of scope for just this feature. A rendering could be proposed in future for leisure=practice_pitch, together with the corresponding sport symbol, if the usage increases.

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