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Practice pitch
Status: Draft (under way)
Proposed by: Yotann
Tagging: leisure=practice_pitch
Applies to: nodewayarea
Definition: A pitch used only to practice sports.
Drafted on: 2013-04-17


For mapping places set up for practicing a given sport, but not appropriate for a full game.


People may be looking for a practice area for a given sport without needing a full pitch. Also, baseball players may specifically want to find an automated pitching machine.

TBD: should "pitch" really be in the name, even for basketball hoops and disc golf baskets?


A lone basketball hoop could be tagged as leisure=practice_pitch with sport=basketball. Similar for a lone disc golf basket.

Cricket nets could be tagged as leisure=practice_pitch with sport=cricket.

A for-profit batting cage with pitching machines could use leisure=practice_pitch, sport=baseball, pitching_machine=yes, and fee=yes, along with the appropriate opening_hours=*.


All instances should use sport=*. pitching_machine=yes should also be used when one is present.

The generic tags fee=*, access=*, and opening_hours=* can also apply.