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Train protection systems
Status: Draft (under way)
Proposed by: btrs
Tagging: railway:train_protection_name, e.g. railway:pzb, railway:kvb, railway:tpws, ..=true, false, level (in case of ETCS)
Applies to: way
Definition: Attempt to create a uniform tagging system to map railway lines equipped with some kind of train protection system
Rendered as: not on OSM - as overlay on third party map (preferrably ITO Maps)
Drafted on: 2013-03-07
RFC start: 2013-03-07
Vote start: 2013-03-10
Vote end: 2013-04-10


In most countries, railway lines are equipped with some kind of train protection system to prevent signals being passed at danger, overspeeding at points/switches, spacing between trains.


The basic idea is recycled from the detailed railway network proposal. From my point of view, this proposal was way too detailed, as there are better maps for each piece of railway equipment (like the German Railway maps of each station or Betriebsstelle). It is however more useful to get an overview which lines or line sections are equipped with a certain railway protection system, instead of just putting that one country uses a system throughout. This is not always true, even in Germany where the Magdeburg-Thale line (where the Hordorf crash occurred in 2011) was not fully equipped with PZB until after the crash !

The goal of this proposal is to create or to agree on a uniform tagging standard for such systems.


Country System abbreviation Complete name Usage Tag name Tag value
PZB / PZB90 / Indusi Punktförmige Zugbeeinflussung All main lines on the German and Austrian railway network railway:pzb true/false
LZB Linienzugbeeinflussung Overlay-system for high-speed running (v>160 km/h) on mixed-traffic lines, or main system on high-speed (v>230 km/h) lines railway:lzb true/false
France KVB Contrôle de vitesse par balises All (electrified) main lines in France, except high-speed lines railway:kvb true/false
United Kingdom
South Korea
TVM (300 and 430) Transmission voie-machine High-speed lines in France, or connected to France (Eurotunnel, High Speed 1, Line 1 in Belgium, First HSL of South Korea was of French design) railway:tvm 300 or 430
Crocodile / Memor n/a All main lines in Belgium, also in France but mostly obsolete due to the introduction of either KVB (France) or TBL1+/ETCS (Belgium) railway:crocodile true/false
Netherlands ATB (EG/NG) Automatische Treinbeïnvloeding (Eerste Generatie/Nieuwe Generatie) All main lines in the Netherlands are equipped with the first-generation EG-system. A few lines were equipped with the next-generation system NG, which is incompatible with the former. ATB-NG is no longer actively deployed, and will be replaced by ETCS. railway:atb eg/ng ? (TBD)
United Kingdom AWS Automatic Warning System All main lines in the United Kingdom railway:aws true/false
United Kingdom TPWS Train Protection and Warning System Additional system to mitigate signals passed at danger railway:tpws true/false
ATC (aka ATC-2) Automatic Train Control ? railway:atc true/false
Denmark ATC (aka ZUB123) Automatic Train Control ? railway:atc true/false
Switzerland Integra-Signum n/a All Swiss main lines of SBB-CFF-FFS (narrow gauge operators use another system) railway:integra or railway:signum (TBD) ? TBD
Spain ASFA Anuncio de Señales y Frenado Automático All classic rail lines in Spain railway:asfa TBD
Europe ETCS European Train Control System New European system whose aim is to replace the incompatible train protection systems in each member state with a uniform system. Available in different levels, each using other techniques to track the train's movement authority (Level 1: by electro-mechanical beacons, Levels 2 and 3: by radio/GSM-R). railway:etcs TBD

This table is incomplete, please add more systems if you have knowledge of them !