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Status: Proposed (under way)
Proposed by: *
Tagging: sport=water_sports
Drafted on:
Proposed on: 2008-02-18

This proposal was superseded by the sport namespace which was abandoned long ago.

However something usable is still missing for many watersports. Especially marking of areas of water for particular sports or routes in water is only available for OpenSeaMap and WikiProject Whitewater Maps but many other watersports would need a way to map water and beach areas and access.


Water sports often share the same body of water for multiple activities. I propose we have a common water_sports feature and specify which sports are available at that location.

A way is need to mark areas of water, routes for various sports.


Compulsory Tags


And at least one of these:

"sports:boating"="yes" or "no"
"sports:free-diving"="yes" or "no"
"sports:diving"="yes" or "no"
"sports:surfing"="yes" or "no"
"sports:swimming"="yes" or "no"
"sports:snorkeling"="yes" or "no"
"sports:windsurfing"="yes" or "no"
"sports:user defined"="yes" or "no"

Optional Tags:

"name"="Shark Reef"

Non-physical. Node/Area.

Proposed Rendering

This would vary depending on the sports defined and the purpose of the map. For a general purpose map, only one sport should be displayed to avoid clutter.


sport=swimming and leisure=fishing already exist. Can these co-exist with this proposal?

Dive centres probably should be under the shop hierarchy and will require additional thought.

Underwater features, although of interest to sub-aqua sports, are physical features and probably should not be under the sport category.

I have also proposed historic=wreck which is of interest to divers.

If we have only one sport displayed on a general purpose map, how is the icon to be selected from the various sports?


Please add your comments here.