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A nautical craft that has been sunk or destroyed. Edit this description in the wiki page. Edit this description in the data item.
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A wreck is a nautical craft that has been sunk or destroyed. A wreck can persist for many centuries and can be a hazard or a point of interest.

(In technical nautical language, ships that were intentionally sunk are not wrecks (e.g.  HMS Scylla), but this tag has also been used for ships which were scuttled.)

Wreck locations are of interest to:

  • shipping and harbour management
  • fishing
  • divers

Wrecks can be in one or more significant parts (due to current movement, etc).

How to Map

Draw an area Area around the wreck, or place a node Node at the location.

Tag the node or area as historic=wreck and seamark:type=wreck. The following additional tags are also useful:

Tag Example Value Description
name=* Yolanda The name of the wreck.
wreck:type=* ship The type of sunken craft (ship, plane, submarine, ...)
wreck:visible_at_low_tide=* yes or no Whether the wreck is visible at low tide
wreck:visible_at_high_tide=* yes or no Whether the wreck is visible at high tide
access=* yes or no or permit
seamark:wreck:category=* non-dangerous






See Seamarks/Wrecks for details
seamark:wreck:water_level=* <empty>
wreck:date_sunk=* 1980-12-28 The date that the craft was sunk, in  ISO 8601 format.
Less common tags
wreck:depth=* 24 The depth (in metres) from the surface of the water.
wreck:clearance=* 20 The depth (in metres) to the top of the wreck.
wreck:date_commissioned=* 1964
wreck:gross_tonnage=* 1907t
wreck:length=* 74.8 In metres
wreck:width=* 11.7 In metres
wreck:cargo=* porcelain

All depths are based on  chart datum.


Wrecks are not rendered in the Standard tile layer.

It it proposed that wrecks should be rendered at close zoom levels as there are very many wrecks near coastlines (especially in the UK).

WreckIcon.png or Wreck.png

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