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See Tag:amenity=compressed_air

Status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: EdH
Tagging: amenity=air_filling
Applies to: node
Definition: A place having a hose, connected to a pump or compressor, that can be used to fill tires, scuba tanks/diving bottles, or paintball markers
Rendered as: A gauge, or valve stem
Drafted on: 2009-03-18
RFC start: 2010-03-16
Vote start: 2011-08-09
Vote end: 2011-10-09

Executive summary

Now, this tag has been replaced by: amenity=compressed_air ! Bicyclists and motorists would benefit from knowing where they can go to fill their tires/tyres. Scuba divers would benefit from knowing locations for filling scuba tanks/diving bottles. Air fills normally are part of dive shops in the US and many popular diving locations elsewhere, but such facilities are tagged as shop=sports, which can cover many other types of shops.


Surprisingly, given the level of interest by cyclists in OpenStreetMap, there is as yet no way to record the location of a place where someone can go to fill a tire/tyre with air. Although frame pumps (portable on the bicycle) are common for touring, they are easily stolen from parked bicycles, and stationary air fill stations are practical in areas with high densities of bicycles.

Air pumps formerly were common at gasoline filling stations (amenity=fuel). However, most gasoline in the U.S. is now sold through stations that provide no auto repair or maintenance services, and pumps may be found instead at specialized shops for car washing or oil changing. But there is no uniform practice for locating air fill facilities for tires/tyres, and no longer a uniform expectation of where to find them.

Bicycle shops (shop=bicycle) and car/automobile repair shops (tag not yet approved) generally provide air fills. Air fills at these locations could be tagged to indicate whether they are for customers only or whether the shop will allow use by others. Air fills for diving and paintball are usually in places like diving shops (shop=sports), dive spots, or even fire stations (amenity=fire_station).

Air fill facilities are specialized. Because of differences in equipment and requirements, air fill equipment for tires/tyres does not work with scuba tanks/diving bottles, and vice versa. Different gases may be dispensed at different air fill stations. These differences can also be tagged. People seeking air fills generally understand that they need to look for the type that meets their particular need. A single amenity=air_filling tag, with values to distinguish among types of equipment and service, would meet the need for map information without creating multiple high-level tags such as amenity=bicycle_pump, amenity=tyre_inflator, and amenity=dive_tank_fill.

Some car/auto service locations, and gasoline filling stations, charge a small fee for air fills, especially to non-customers, and this can be tagged as well. Shops typically do charge fees to fill scuba tanks/diving bottles and paintball markers.

The real value of the tag is to record locations of air_filling facilities that are in locations that are not obvious (especially to outsiders). For example, there is a public air fill for bicycles at the student center of the University of South Florida, but few of the cyclists on the campus know about it.

How to tag

amenity=air_filling is used for all places that provide air fills.


valve=* indicates the type of valve stem that can be used with the facility.

  • valve=presta Presta valves only. This type is used on a high proportion of road bicycles.
  • valve=schrader Schrader valves only. This is the type of valve used on car/auto tires/tyres, and on some bicycles.
  • valve=both The facility can work with either Presta or Schrader valve stems.
  • valve=scuba Standard scuba/diving pillar valves only.
  • valve=paintball Valves on paintball markers only.

access=* indicates who may use the facility.

  • access=public Anyone may use the facility (default for a pump not associated with a shop).
  • access=customers Only persons purchasing goods or services (from an associated shop) may use the facility (generally with no fee for tires/tyres, usually with a fee for scuba tanks/diving bottles or paintball markers.

fee=* indicates whether a fee is charged for filling.

  • fee=no No fee is charged for filling (default for a pump or compressor not associated with a shop).
  • fee=yes A fee is charged for anyone (other than staff of the shop) for filling.

supply=* indicates what the facility can supply.

  • supply=air Unfiltered air (suitable for tires/tyres and some paintball markers).
  • supply=filtered_air
  • supply=pure_air Suitable for scuba tanks/diving bottles.
  • supply=nitrox Oxygen-enriched air for diving.
  • supply=co2 Compressed carbon dioxide for various purposes, including some paintball markers.
  • supply=n2 Compressed nitrogen, sometimes used in vehicle tires/tyres or paintball markers.
  • supply=light_air An expanding foam sometimes used in tires/tyres.
    • supply:pressure=* Max available pressure or a pressure range available. Remember to add unit (bar/psi/other). i.e. supply:pressure=300 bar for dive air compressor, supply:pressure=15-45 psi for air fill post on fuel station.

Other types of gas mixes are available for specialized diving needs, and these can be tagged using supply=*.

note=* can be used to give directions for finding the pump (which side of building, service drive, etc.), if not clear from the map; for asking permission; for the amount of the fee, and so forth.

Other values (shop name, shop type) would be tagged as part of the shop. Pumps for the sole use of shop personnel (not to provide fills for customers or the public) would not be tagged.


It should be expected that air fills are not shown on Mapnik. However, they could be shown on specialized maps like OpenCycleMap or any other map which is geared towards tourists / pedestrians / hikers / divers. Typically they would be shown only at high zoom levels, comparable to those at which other amenities such as restaurants appear.

See also

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