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Flow Direction
Proposal status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: pnorman
Tagging: directional=yes/no/tidal/-1
Applies to: way
Definition: A way to indicate directional or non-directional flow

Rendered as: Arrows pointing in the direction of flow
Drafted on: 2011-03-21
RFC start: 2011-04-01


To define a tag to indicate when a waterway has no dominant flow direction.


By convention the direction of the way should be downstream (ie draw the way in the direction that the water flows), when known. This leads to a problem where there is no way to indicate that a waterway does not have a direction of flow.


directional=yes to explicitly indicate that a waterway has directional flow. Most waterways are directional

directional=no to indicate that a waterway has no directional flow. An example is irrigation ditches where the flow is controlled by valves.

directional=tidal to indicate that a waterway's flow is dominated by tidal influences

directional=-1 to explicitly indicate that a waterway has directional flow in the reverse direction of the way. This is not expected to be frequently used.

Unknown values should be regarded as a special case of directional=no

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Suggested rendering is arrows in the direction of flow if directional, no arrows if not.

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