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Proposal status: Draft (under way)
Proposed by: Push-f
Tagging: exit=*

Drafted on: 2022-06-10
RFC start: 2022-06-10


It is proposed that we:

  1. Formalize exit=* as described under #Tagging.
  2. Define that entrance=* implies exit=yes (unless the same object has an explicit exit tag or entrance=no).
  3. Deprecate entrance=exit in favor of exit=yes.
  4. Deprecate entrance=emergency in favor of:
  5. Deprecate entrance=entrance in favor of entrance=yes combined with exit=no.


The Key:entrance proposal from 2011:

  • introduced that "exits that may not be used as an entrance" should be tagged with entrance=exit
  • introduced that emergency exits should be tagged with entrance=emergency
  • did not describe how "entrances that may not be used as exits" should be tagged (entrance=entrance has since become the de-facto standard for that)

While the current tagging schema is well-defined and in widespread use these three tags are highly misleading:

  • entrance=exit sounds like an entrance that is also an exit (when in fact it is not an entrance)
  • entrance=emergency sounds like an entrance for emergency services (when in fact it is intended for emergency exits!)
  • entrance=entrance sounds like an entrance that is also an entrance (the inference that it cannot be used an exit is entirely non-obvious)

This proposal strives to remedy these oversights because tags should be logical and descriptive.


This proposal formalizes the following three values for exit=*:

Key Value Element Comment Rendering Photo
exit yes Mf node.png A point where you can exit a building or enclosed area.
Ausgang Vivarium DA.JPG
exit emergency Mf node.png An emergency exit is a one-way out of a building in case of fire. It is often combined with a fire alarm box.
PublicInformationSymbol EmergencyExit.svg
exit no Mf node.png The node may not be used as an exit (useful if you want to tag that an entrance=* may not be used as an exit).

Tagging a node with entrance=* implies that it is also an exit, if that is not the case, add exit=no.

Exits that may not be used as an entrance should be tagged with exit=yes or exit=emergency, whereby entrance=* should be either omitted or set to entrance=no.

Comparison of new and deprecated tagging semantics
Tagging Deprecated tagging Is it an entrance? Is it an exit?
entrance=yes N/A yes yes (implied)
exit=yes entrance=exit no yes
exit=emergency entrance=emergency no yes
entrance=entrance yes no

Entrances intended for emergency services should be tagged with emergency=designated (along with access=no if the entrance is not intended for the general public).


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