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Status: Proposals with undefined or invalid status (inactive)
Proposed by: MeastroGlanz
Tagging: fitness_station=*
Applies to: type
Definition: tag different fitness equipment within a fitness station
Rendered as: leisure = fitness_station
Drafted on: 2017-05-23
RFC start: 2017-05-23

[[Category:Proposals with undefined or invalid status|]]

This Tag was established in the fitness_trail article, of which some of its content had been transferred to the fitness_station article. Therefore, this proposal is set on "inactive".


This key should contain different fitness equipment just like Key:playground maps different equipment on a playground.


The need for this key came up, when I wanted to map the fitness_trail relation 7273471 with more details. The details are interesting for future development of i.e. fitness-apps.

Examples has listed over 700 fitnesstrails only in Germany. Assuming that each fitness trail consists of at least 15 stations, this means, there are potentially up to 10.000 objects of this type just in Germany.

I tagged the relation 7273471 in that way to give an example.


Some objects are tagged as fitness_station. This objects are grouped in a multipolygon relation tagged leisure=fitness_station. This fitness stations are part of the relation route=fitness_trail.

Proposed values are so far:

Applies to

nodes, ways and areas; in special cases relations


will follow

Features/Pages affected

route=fitness_trail leisure=fitness_station

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