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A gasometer. A large storage container for gas
Status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: ipofanes
Tagging: man_made=gasometer
Applies to: node, area (building)
Definition: for gasometers
Rendered as: Gasometer.png (suggestion)
Drafted on:
Proposed on: 2009-01-24
RFC start: 2009-01-24
Vote start: *
Vote end: *


This is a proposal for tagging for gasometers. A gasometer is a large storage container for gas. The gas is not liquified in a gasometer.


Being mostly tall structures, gasometers are landmarks which lend themselves to navigating. Most gasometers are easy to discern from other structures by the layperson. Some gasometers

Proposed Tagging

Applies to nodes or closed ways.

Required tagging

Secondary tagging

  • height = <height of the gasometer in metres>
  • contents = <which gas>
  • operator = <company name or similar>

Suggested Rendering

Rendering of a node in typical Mapnik colours: Gasometer.png in zoom 16 and above, smaller in zoom 14 and 15, appears at about the same zoom level as churches, whose steeples are landmarks of similar height. One could use different inner circle diameters for silos and water towers. Areas may be mapped with a similar inner outline, if feasible.

Tagging in use prior to the proposal

The following tagging structures have been identified:

  • man_made = gasometer: 50 times in Germany as of 2009-01-23
  • Due to changes in Query-to-map this Template does not work anymore. You can use Template:Osm-query2. Please replace or delete this use of Osm-query template.
  • 3839 uses as of 2012-03-28.

See also

Proposed features/storage tank - This proposal offers an alternative (conflicting) approach for tagging a gasometer. man_made=storage_tank could perhaps be combined with storage_tank=gasometer (or just 'gas') .


use Talk:Proposed_features/gasometer