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Proposal status: Obsoleted (inactive)
Proposed by: krasnoj
Tagging: highway=hiking_trail
Applies to: linear
Definition: Hiking trails are signed footways for hiking on interesting paths or to attractive targets, mostly in the mountains

Rendered as: Should be discussed, alternative like footway
Draft started:
Proposed on: 2008-09-18
RFC start: 2008-09-18
Vote start: *
Vote end: *

This proposal is obsoleted by Approved_features/Path.


Hiking trails are signed footways for hiking on interesting paths or to attractive targets. Those are usually used to reach point of interest (peaks, lakes, other beautiful places, etc.) located mostly in the mountains.



Alternatives / contrast to

The tag highway=footway is primarly for footways which are accessable by everybody, which may be true for hiking trails also. However hiking trails usually qualify themselves in being paths across mountains. Since hiking trails usually are marked and named (or at least given a number) they deserve to be treated differently. Often hiking trails are a lot harder to walk than footways such that special equipment may be necessary to go on (carbines and a rope are usually recommended to master a Via ferrata). Due to these special attributes, routing may also be implemented in a more efficient way, such that one can easily exclude hiking trails.

How to map

ElementWay.png To map a footway nothing else than a simple way is required. Add the highway=hiking_trail tag to it and a name=* if appropriate.

You can combine this with some more access=* and sac_scale=* restriction tags.


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