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Gated community
Proposal status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: Danstowell
Tagging: residential=gated
Applies to: node, area, relation
Definition: Residential community with strictly controlled entrances, enclosed by a perimeter of walls/fences/etc.

Draft started: 2014-09-21
RFC start: 2014-09-21


Gated communities are private neighbourhoods where access is controlled by private security guards or by automated secure entrances, and are enclosed by walls and fences around their perimeter. They usually consist of upper class residential areas; they may also contain private amenities such as golf courses, marinas, sport facilities and private schools. They can also include sometimes small markets and shops that make them independent from the nearest cities. See wikipedia on gated communities.

The number of gated communities has grown worldwide in recent years. In countries such as Brazil or Argentina, these neighbourhoods have experienced an "explosive" growth during the last 15 years, and now are often considered as important points of reference.

This proposal is for a sub-tag of landuse=residential.


  • I am writing this proposal NOT because I want to use the tag, but because it seems that the tag has been used quite a bit, and I'd like to help get some clarity in the use of residential sub-tagging.
  • In 2010 there was a previous proposal: Proposed_features/Gated_community. That proposal was for landuse=gated_community. That proposal was not widely supported, and was abandoned.

Current tag usage:



Proposed tagging:

* landuse=residential
* residential=gated

Plus of course any other tags such as name=* if the estate has a name.

For discussion: is any extra tagging needed?

It is already possible to indicate access restrictions - for example, access=private + barrier=fence. However, there may be cases where this does not sufficiently mark the difference between a non-gated housing estate (which might happen to have fences, gates...) and a true "gated community". Is there sufficient motivation for this tag to exist?

The tag seems to be used by a few people already. That is indication of demand but not indication of necessity...


Please see the Discussion Page


Do NOT vote yet. This is currently open for discussion, not yet voting.