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tag:man made=grotto
Proposal status: Canceled (inactive)
Proposed by: IIVQ
Tagging: man_made=grotto
Applies to: node, area
Definition: man made caves for landscape or leisure

Rendered as: similar to natural=cave
Draft started: 2022-07-05
RFC start: 2022-07-07

Following the discussion, I cancelled this proposal IIVQ (talk) 20:08, 16 August 2022 (UTC)


A tag for human-made or human altered caves, that are built with the specific purpose to offer an interesting landscaping element in a park and/or to offer a leisurely attraction (sometimes romantic).

Grottos are a specimen of historic=folly's. However, I propose to group them under man_made=* to make more clear this only concerns man made grottos.

Holes in mountains that occur naturally should be tagged as natural=cave. Holes in mountains that are man-made for other reasons (storage, extraction of minerals, shelter) should be tagged as man_made=adit or their respective combination of building=* and underground=yes

A specific type of grotto is the Lourdes grotto. I proposed a tag for that as well.


Grotto's are man-made holes in mountainfaces (sometimes the mountain face is man-made as well), or existing caves (or quarries or adits) that are enhanced. Grottos sometimes are made to resemble a natural cave as closely as possible, but sometimes very ornamental.

Grottos should be large enough for humans to enter. See Grotto on Wikipedia


Tag a node, way or area as man_made=grotto.

For smaller grottos inside an existing mountainface, a node can be used. Larger grottos can be tagged as way to tag on the mountainface, or as area when the entire outline of the grotto is tagged. In the case of an area, the underground=yes should be used. If the grotto is situated inside a purpose-built mountain, node (smaller grottos) or area (larger grottos) should be used.



Similar to natural=cave or historic=cave

Features/Pages affected

man_made=* natural=cave historic=folly place_of_worship=lourdes_grotto

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