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Proposal status: Draft (under way)
Proposed by: kelvan
Tagging: aeroway=taxilane
Applies to: wayarea
Definition: Where airplanes manoeuvre between parking areas and responsibility border (airport/air traffic control)

Rendered as: similar to taxiway
Draft started: 2015-01-25


Most of the background information for this proposal was gathered due a meeting with employees of the Vienna International Airport.


At the moment there are a few Aeroway tags like runway and taxiway.
Taxiway is described as everything between runway and parking positions, but that is incorrect.

The apron of an airport consists roughly of two parts, which are divided by the responsibility border. That border is (at least in VIE) marked as red line on the apron. Most of the vehicles are not allowed to cross that line for safety reasons.

The two parts are:

  • area where the airport is responsible, like the parking area
  • area where the air traffic control takes responsibility

Taxiways are only in the second part, every way inside the first area is called a taxilane. Using the same tag for both is like using highway=primary for residential roads. Planes are slower at taxilanes, due more traffic and tighter curves.
For most users of OpenStreetMap this detail might be irrelevant, but it hinders airports to use the data or enhance it with there own knowledge.

Please see Talk:Proposed_features/taxilane#taxiway.3Dtaxilane; perhaps this can be used instead (seeing as the proposal is currently still draft). --Abbafei (talk) 01:30, 4 February 2015 (UTC)


Already used at CDG and VIE