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Public-images-osm logo.svg aeroway = taxilane
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A path for aircraft in an airport that is part of the aircraft parking area or apron Show/edit corresponding data item.
Group: aeroways
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The tag aeroway=taxilane is used to mark the paths used by aircraft in an airport that are part of the aircraft parking area or apron, instead of the more common tag aeroway=taxiway, which is also used for the paths aeroplanes take between the parking area (apron) and the runway.

At many airports, aeroway=taxiway is also used within apron areas, however.

Also see aeroway=parking_position

The apron of an airport consists of two parts, which are divided by the "responsibility border". That border is sometimes marked as red line on the apron. Most of the vehicles are not allowed to cross that line for safety reasons.

The two parts are:

  1. The "Non-Movement Area" where the airport is responsible, near the aeroplane parking area and airport Tag:aeroway=gates. Tag:aeroway=aprons are always in this area. This is where Tag:aeroway=taxilanes are found
  2. The "Movement Area" where the air traffic control (such as an FAA tower) takes responsibility, near the tag:aeroway=runways. Tower clearance is always required before moving in this area. This is where official tag:aeroway=taxiways are found.