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Gate 88 in Narita International Airport.jpg
The bounded space, inside the airport terminal, where passengers wait before boarding their flight Show/edit corresponding data item.
Group: Aeroways
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Airports can have bizarre systems to number their  gates and it can be hard to find a map of the airport on-line. They can be mapped with help from bing imagery or even GPS when you stand by the window. For gates where you have to take a bus first, the place in the terminal where you wait for the bus should be mapped.

Note: This tag is for the gates the aeroplanes use. This should not be used for passenger pick-up/drop-off zones near roads.

How to map

Add aeroway=gate and ref=number or name to a node that represents the gate. These nodes are typically stand-alone, placed a short distance outside the terminal building; e.g., around the centre of the location where you take the airbridge to get onto the plane.


Example rendering made by Kosmos, zoom 17, OSM

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