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Public-images-osm logo.svg aeroway = parking_position
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A location where an airplane can park Show/edit corresponding data item.
Group: Aeroways
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Status: de facto

Location, usually on an aeroway=apron, where a plane is standing to board/disembark passengers or load/unload cargo. Each position has a unique ref within the airport.

If the parking position is at a aeroway=gate/skybridge, the ref=* is usually the same as the gate's ref. But it can sometimes be, typically on larger airports, different from the gate it is serving.

How to map

As a node

Put a node where the nose wheel stops. Tag the node.

As a way

Draw a way from the relevant taxiway and to the nose wheel position. The direction of the way indicates the direction a plane should park. This usually means that the last node of the way should be where the nose wheel is parked. Tag the way.


Tag with aeroway=parking_position.

Additional information can be specified using these keys:

Tag Description
ref=* The reference number / name of the parking_position.
ele=* The elevation tag should be used for the altitude of the parking position.
surface=* Use this tag if the physical makeup of the surface of the parking_position is different from the apron it is located on. Typical examples: paved, sand, grass, gravel, snow, unpaved.
maxweight=* Use this tag for the maximum weight of aircraft to park at this position. Particular relevant to light aircraft tie-down positions, etc.


This is to document how this tag is used currently. It may not have been discussed or voted upon.

See also

  • aeroway=apron - Apron is the larger area that holds all the parking_positions
  • aeroway=gate - This is where passengers show up in the terminal to embark the aircraft. It might be a bus-gate or a walk-out-gate serving more than one parking_position
  • aeroway=taxilane
  • aeroway=taxiway