Public transport in Pavia

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Bus routes in Pavia

Mapping Pavia's bus network.

Status just started

A list of Bus routes in Pavia. Routes already entered can be seen on Öpnvkarte[1] and OsmTransport [2].

Colour and symbol legend

The status of each map region is indicated by a symbol, which describes the type of feature, and a color, which indicates the completeness of that feature in a map region. See Wiki Help for a key to the colors.

Meaning of symbols

Symbol Meaning
Routing The route is mapped as a relation (r)
Stops Bus stops have been checked (h)

All lines should have all the bus stops, but the denomination is still under review and changes to the bus stop names might be done. Therefore they are marked with yellow colour (h=2).

Line Servizi. Daytime services

No. Name Route Status Notes
3 Montemaino - Cascina Pelizza relation 409789 Routing (1/4)Stops (1/4)

Line Servizi. Evening buses

Evening buses with the same line number have sometimes different routes than daytime ones and there is an issue whether to use the same ref.

No. Name Route Status Notes
11 MONTEMAINO - BIVIO GRAVELLONE Routing (0/4)Stops (0/4) not started
13 MONTEBOLONE - CASCINA PELIZZA Routing (0/4)Stops (0/4) not started
15 VALLONE (RIONE MAESTA') - SORA Routing (0/4)Stops (0/4) not started