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Pushpin OSM
Pushpin OSM screenshot.png
Author: Spatial Networks
License: Free?
Platform: iOS
Status: Unmaintained
Version: 1.1 (2012-12-06)
Language: English
Website: http://pushpinosm.org/

Simple POI editor.

Pushpin OSM is an iOS app for editing OpenStreetMap points of interest. It allows the user to add new POIs as nodes, and edit tags of existing POIs created as closed ways and relations.

Pushpin OSM is available to download for free on the App Store since October 5, 2012 when Coleman McCormick and Zac McCormick launched it. The blog post describing the app at launch is here, and also there is the slides from the presentation at SOTM US Oct 2012.

The app provides a simplified editing interface designed specifically for OpenStreetMap POIs. POIs are presented as markers on a bing aerial imagery background (or optionally OSM map background). Tags are simplified, the raw name=value scheme is hidden, and instead mappers can pick from a set of types, with fixed set of fields related to each.

Address fields are available for most POI types, and it displays a picker for 'nearby' street names, cities, and postal codes.

As of version 1.1, tag editing of POI's represented as areas (closed ways and multipolygons) is supported. The app does not allow any editing of geometry except for the placement of POI's that are single nodes. The app requires OAuth for authentication as of version 1.1.


The app is developed by Spatial Networks and there is a public issue tracker located on GitHub. Any issues with the iOS app can be added there. This repo is actually for the public website, but it's used for the issue tracker of the iOS app also.

News are also available on their twitter account.