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Several editors can be used to edit features in the OpenStreetMap database. Before you can edit any data you will need to create an OSM account.

Beginners Guide

The Beginners' guide will show you how to add data to OpenStreetMap. Tutorials are available in many languages and can be select from the table at the top of the page. You may also wish to see Mapping projects for inspiration about what to map.

Top editors


iD is the easy to use editor found per default on the "Edit" button of the OpenStreetMap homepage, and is ideal for quick editing contributions. It runs in your browser and downloads data automatically as you look around.
JOSM Logotype 2019.svg
JOSM is a highly expandable standalone Java desktop application which allows editing more data at once, using more advanced tools and direct access to data at cost of increased complexity.
P3 logo 128x128.png
Potlatch is the precursor to iD, now available as a desktop application for Mac and Windows.


Vespucci is the fully-featured Android editor with the most significant use.
Osm Go!.png
Osm Go! is a light and easy Android editor. Perfect for adding/editing POI when surveying.
GoMap app icon-1024.png

Go Map!! is the most popular iOS editor.

StreetComplete Logo.svg

StreetComplete is an Android app that allows to easily add information. Low barrier to entry, no OpenStreetMap knowledge or experience is needed (beyond creating an account). Is not intended as a general purpose editor, only adding of predefined data to an existing objects and answering notes is available.

For a more detailed comparison of the major editors see the page Comparison of editors.

Choice of editors

Because OpenStreetMap is an open platform with an editing API, there are many other editors to choose from, some with a simplified sub-set of functionality, some operating on specific platforms such as mobile devices. The following table lists some of the options. As with all such lists on this wiki presence on the list should not be considered a recommendation, have a look at the editor usage stats to see what is currently actually in use, typically only those with a larger current user base are consistently maintained and support current good mapping practices.

Name Screenshot Platform Add POIs Edit / Delete POIs Edit arbitrary tags of existing OSM objects Edit geometries Support imagery offset DB Upload to OSM Version
ArcGIS Editor for OSM [1] Tools20b.png Windows yes yes yes yes
yes 2019-06-11
Deriviste [2] Deriviste.png Web-based (JavaScript) yes no no no no yes 2020-05-09
FireYak-Hydrants [3] Android yes
no yes 2019-03-28
GNOME Maps [4] GNOME Maps.png Linux yes yes no no no yes 2019-06-17
Go Map!! [5] Go Map Buildings and Selection.png iOS 7+ yes yes yes yes no yes 2021-10-03
GPSMapEdit [6] Gpsmapedit mit osmkarte.png Windows yes yes yes yes
yes 2019-06-01
2.1 (78.10 FIX1)
Healthsites.io [7] Healthsites.io.png Web-based (Pyhton, JavaScript) yes yes yes no no yes 2020-09-24
iD [8] Id-May 2013.png Web-based (JavaScript) yes yes yes yes no yes 2021-08-17
iD-strava [9] Web-based (JavaScript) yes yes yes yes no yes 2017-11-07
JOSM [10] JOSM-Jan-2009.jpg Windows, Linux, macOS yes yes yes yes yes yes 2021-09-02
Level0 [11] Level0 Screenshot.png Web-based (PHP) yes yes yes yes
yes 2016-02-09
MapComplete [12] MapComplete Screenshot.png Web-based (Typescript) yes yes yes Limited no yes 2021-10-12
MAPS.ME [13]] Maps.me android screenshot 2015-10.png Android, iOS yes yes yes no no yes 2019-07-04
Organic Maps [14]] Maps.me android screenshot 2015-10.png Android, iOS yes yes yes no no yes 2021-10-09
Merkaartor [15] Merkaartor sample.jpg Windows, Linux, macOS yes yes yes yes no yes 2021-08-27
OSM ↔ Wikidata [16] OSM ↔ Wikidata.png Web-based (JavaScript) no yes no no no yes 2020-10-04
Osm Go! [17] Osm Go-main interface and OSM data.png Web-based and Android yes yes
yes 2020-11-04
OSM2Go [18] Maemo5-0.7.23-mainscreen.png Linux; Maemo (N800, N900) yes yes yes yes no yes 2018-12-24
OsmAnd [19] Android-osmand-routing.png Android, iOS yes yes Yes, for nodes and closed ways with
common tag combinations.
no no yes 2021-09-22
Osmapy [20] Osmapy - Uploading data.png Windows, Linux, macOS yes yes yes yes no yes 2020-06-21
OsmInEdit [21] OsmInEdit feature edit.png Web-based (JavaScript) yes yes yes yes no yes 2021-08-16
OSMyBiz [22] Osmybiz.png Web-based (JavaScript) yes yes no no no yes 2018-11-14
Pic4Review [23] Pic4Review bus stop type.png Web-based (JavaScript) no yes yes no no yes 2021-08-19
Potlatch (aka Potlatch 3) P2-osm.png Windows & macOS yes yes yes yes no yes 2020-12-30
QGIS [24] QGIS 2.2 Valmiera showing new menu design.png Windows, Linux, macOS, BSD yes yes yes yes
no 2019-11-02
RapiD [25] RapiD screenshot.png Web-based (JavaScript) yes yes yes yes no yes 2020-09-11
StreetComplete [26] Streetcomplete screenshot v3.4.png Android no Limited deletion of no longer existing features no It is possible to split ways no yes 2021-10-10
Vespucci [27] Vespucci screenshot.png Android yes yes yes yes yes yes 2021-09-23

Other editors:

Down or discontinued

See /Down or discontinued subpage to see list of no longer available or no longer supported ones.

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