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Available languages — Pic4Review
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Screenshot of Pic4Review
Author: Adrien Pavie
License: AGPL
Platform: web-based (Javascript)
Version: 0.4.10 (2018-08-04)
Languages: English and multiple languages
Website: pic4review.pavie.info
Programming language: JavaScript


Pic4Review is an OpenStreetMap editor programmed in JavaScript (usable directly in the browser without plugins) allowing to contribute using street-level pictures, the simple way.

You can try it on pic4review.pavie.info. Go to the mission list, choose one which interests you and start review pictures !


List of missions

To know more about how you can use Pic4Review, you can have a look at :

Use cases

Pic4Review can be either use as a complement to a mapping party where lot of pictures were taken, or to contribute on an area with a good photo coverage. Here are some examples of missions which can be done easily using this tool.

And a lot more, just find what kind of features interest you ! In a near future, it will be also possible to create new objects according to external data sources (you can help making this possible).


Review on smartphone


Pic4Review mainly allows to review features from OSM in order to complete their tags. By looking at pictures associated to each of them, you can see the details and contribute easily to add missing tags. For example, distinguish the kind of fire hydrant, or if a bus stop has a shelter.

  • Easy review of features : pictures are automatically shown
  • Simple interface for editing : symbol-based answers
  • Fast contribution : in one click (and without tag knowledge) you can improve features
  • Advanced editing possible : you can go back to standard editors (iD and JOSM)
  • Export list of features not having pictures in GPX or KML for easy ground survey
  • Pictures are extracted from Mapillary, OpenStreetCam, Wikimedia Commons and Flickr
  • For each contribution, survey:date=* and picture tags (either mapillary=*, flickr=*, wikimedia_commons=* or image=*) is added automatically on OSM feature

Statistics for gamification

To make contribution funnier, each mission has statistics about user contributions.

  • Leaderboard : by mission and globally, see how you are ranked !
  • Feature status : how much is left to complete the task

Mission creation

You can also create your own missions. Missions are defined by a thematic and an area, like detailing toilets wheelchair-accessibility in Paris.

  • Data sources : you can use data extracted from OSM (via Overpass API) or use Osmose reports
  • Integrated editor : you can either use classic editors or the integrated one, allowing fast contribution directly in the browser
  • Duplicate mission : to create a mission based on existing one but elsewhere, you can duplicate it, and just change the contribution area


Pic4Review is developed in JavaScript, using various libraries (ReactJS, Leaflet, Material UI).

Contributions are welcome, and you can help by several ways (no need to be a developer !).

See also

  • Pic4Review on Twitter - For project news and releases
  • Photo mapping - Technique for mapping in OSM using pictures
  • Photo linking - Creating links between OSM features and geolocated pictures
  • Pic4Carto - Tool for finding every street-level picture available in an area (and easy editing for OSM)