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OSM related quotes

Often somebody makes a remark that is worth citing later.

A light-hearted attempt to save OSM related ones here.


  • * speedevil walks 500 miles and uploads the tracklogs.

  • * JonathanB is on his way from misery to Mappiness today.

  • <RichardF> heehee, that's the great thing about coding against an Adobe runtime. People automatically suspect the bugs aren't yours


  • * JonathanB just typed "man touch" into google, and got the answer he wanted, rather than gay porn. Amazing.


  • <randomjunk> i was reading a book earlier that actually used the word "halcyon" -- i was quite shocked
  • <RichardF> it wasn't JonathanB's OSM book was it?
  • <randomjunk> no.. Forest of Stars by Kevin J Anderson... easy reading scifi... i think he was in a trying to impress with complicated words paragraph
  • * speedevil vaguely recalls said book.
  • <randomjunk> speedevil: nospoilers!!!1!
  • <speedevil> randomjunk: the robot butler did it.


  • <kay_D> My girlfriend already gets suspicious why I'm so much into walking, and what's the big thing I hide in my trousers.
  • <kay_D> (I use a Zumo 550 for tracking)
  • <ivansanchez> that thing abuot the trousers didn't sound just right...
  • <Firefishy> kay_D: I went on a road trip 'holiday' of South Africa with my mom, took her 7 days and >2000km to realise I was actually just out mapping.


  • <RichardF> honestly don't know - I can look later when I'm back at home but probably not now I'm afraid (still at work)
  • <j0nr> well dont loose any time over it
  • <JonathanB> j0nr: No, no no. You're getting it wrong. You should demand RichardF drop everything he's doing *right away* and work on nothing but your problem until he's fixed it.
  • <JonathanB> Honestly. These newcomers.


  • <theorbtwo> QuantumGPS both is and is not free, until it is observed.

  • <JonathanB> shaunmcdonald: You don't seem to have got the hang of the mailing lists. Your answer was accurate, useful, and to the point. No arguing or shouting at all...


  • <JonathanB> Attention everyone. I may have the solution to our problems.
  • <JonathanB> Apparently, announce@ has won the Swiss Lotto.


  • <RichardF> avar: you might remember when I asked you to provide examples of text that frequently overflowed. IIRC you didn't come up with any :p
  • <avar> Yes I did. I provided a patch to the i18n generator that added "HURGHL:" or something to every string


  • <Socks> RichardF: Is Burton post-box complete?
  • <RichardF> hell no
  • <RichardF> most of the pubs are on there, though. Priorities, dear boy, priorities


  • <RichardF> TomH: oh, that works quite nicely. There's a village (population 50) in Rutland that says "Whitwell - Twinned With Paris" on the signs. They did exactly that
  • <RichardF> oddly enough, Paris doesn't have a sign saying "Paris. Twinné avec Whitwell" (or whatever the French for twinned is)


  • <RichardF> holy shit. The cat just stood on some part of my stereo. The sound has just improved immeasurably
  • <ris> RichardF: mummify the cat and leave it there to optimize the performance of your high fidelity equipment
  • <RichardF> swwfvbbge
  • <RichardF> is what the cat thinks of that suggestion
  • * achadwick adds sciencey words about Schrödinger(sp?) and Quantum and tries to sell this idea to audiophiles


  • * TomH wonders if anybody has told Royal Mail that OS are going to cut them off at the knees...
  • <avar> TomH: We'll deliever mail?:)
  • <EdLoach> Do Royal Mail?


  • * TomH proposes having next week's meet in the White Horse in Hertford
  • <JonathanB> TomH: Node ID?
  • <TomH> JonathanB: 25901808
  • <JonathanB> You know you have OCOSMD when: You know your local's ID by heart
  • <Richlv> what's OCOSMD ?
  • <EdLoach> Obsessive, Compulsive, OSM disorder


  • <speedevil> Masturbating over the database is not improving the map.


  • * JonS is tempted to spend some time in the yorkshire dales ensuring all the pub POIs are in *just* the right place
  • * chippy will validate that data by survey too
  • <JonS> gotta ensure it's right :-)
  • <theoddbot> JonS: you need to keep your gps still for 12 hours for a good survey
  • <JonS> oddly enough you get accurate results much faster in pubs with crap beer - you can move on much more quickly
  • * JonS should do an extensive study into how beer quality affects GPS signal
  • <radagast> JonS: do you think you could get funding? ;-)
  • <theoddbot> makes the traces go all wobbly
  • <achadwick> theoddbot: well, correlated with. Need more funding to determine if there is indeed a causal relationship.


  • <JonathanB> Tunnels & Tunneling International has a new News Editor. His name? Kris Mole...
  • <RichardF> JonathanB: we used to get press releases from the PR man for Crewsaver Lifejackets. His name was Will Drown. I am not making this up


  • <JonathanB> What was that about military use on talk@ a while ago? http://twitter.com/LloydDavis/status/9930944164
  • <rweait> Nice. Somebody wanted to exclude that use.
  • <EdLoach> I guess if they modify the data they need to share the changes? Or is this a cc-by-sa doesn't apply to data in US type situations?
  • <JonathanB> EdLoach: By "modify the data", do you mean "blow something up"?


  • <web625> can i control the website via http requests?
  • <petschge> what do you think your browser does...


  • * ris liked the idea of neo4j until he realized the j stood for java
  • <ris> though i had a sneaking suspicion already
  • <RichardF> what did you think it stood for?
  • <ris> jehovah's witness's


  • <Seddon-wmuk> how large is state of the map?
  • <Seddon-wmuk> in terms of number of people
  • <rweait> 8.2GB compressed.
  • * RichardF hits rweait


  • * timbl scans the options on the local group printer. 2-3-hole punch yes. cake no.


  • <harry-wood> Komzpa: The foundation aren't that great at emailing in a timely manner. They're all volunteers too, and it can't be the most interesting job I guess
  • <harry-wood> Maybe it falls under the remit of the "communications working group", which I was going to be involved in. We failed to get together for a conference call because nobody was replying to emails


  • <rweait> They have a London in England?
  • <rweait> It's like they copy all our names in Europe.


  • <pavi> I have a road which enters a bus station . The road becomes an area where buses roam freely . How do I tag the area ?
  • <cjb_ie> stay very very still, and make a noise like a female bus...

  • <RichardF> Komzpa: I shall get artem drunk (given that he lives about three streets away from me) and then take advantage


  • <Komzpa> for your house to be mapped properly:
  • <Komzpa> 1. roof color should be red
  • <Komzpa> 2. there should be grass around house
  • <Komzpa> 3. house number should be drawn in large north-up digits on the roof
  • <radagast> Komzpa: I'll send a message to our local town councillor. Thanks.


  • <pavi> How is offset calculated ?
  • <speedevil> Isn't it just the difference between your cocks?
  • <speedevil> clocks


  • <SteveC> any sysadmins here>?
  • <xjjk> platonically or for OSM?


  • * speedevil discovers a VIOLATOR OF THE TERMS OF SERVICE!
  • * speedevil leaves a polite note.
  • <Komzpa> speedevil: is he alive?
  • <speedevil> No. I left it on the headless body.
  • <speedevil> Gotta encourage the others.


  • <petschge> in OSM you don't have to be nice. you have to map reality.


  • chillly- hopes RichardF noticed that I recommended Potlatch to a newbie.
  • <RichardF> chillly-: the cheque is in the post :)
  • <RichardF> you can have half of my monthly Potlatch royalties
  • <chillly-> I can't afford the debt :)


  • <davetoo> Why are TIGER powerlines connected to TIGER roads?
  • <davetoo> </rhetorical question>
  • <C0bra> you can walk on them.


  • ToeBee may have just added some features at the shuttle launch pads
  • <Komzpa> ToeBee: now they can also play MP3's?
  • <ToeBee> sure. Just have to pulse the engines at just the right frequency


  • <SK53> gregory: I've used gender instead of sex in apps ever since we built one for analysing mortality rates "Death by Sex" caused too many titters


  • <pbro> RichardF: about ten years ago there was a weird error noticed in Microsoft's knowledge base about a Microsoft application where an Earth icon rotated the wrong way around
  • <pbro> RichardF: as the hadn't fixed that bug even several years after it was reported I suspected they would "solve" the problem the hard way ..

  • <pavi> Beelsebob, know anyone other than SteveC in bing maps ?
  • <Beelsebob> no idea
  • <SteveC> pavi: hrm
  • <pavi> SteveC, who is hrm ? anyways thanks will see when he is around
  • <SteveC> hrm as in 'hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm'
  • * chillly- thinks pavi is priceless


  • <emacsen> Frenzel, if you want Steve Coast, you go to your bathroom mirror at night and say his name three times


  • < enrico> Any ideas for mapping karaoke clubs? (popular in Japan and Taiwan for example)
  • < stephankn> enrico: maybe https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Tag:amenity%3Dnightclub
  • < enrico> stephankn: I thought about it, but it's defintiely not a night club
  • < stephankn> enrico: amenity=brothel might be wrong as well. But at least from what I know of in Korea the Karaoke is not just about singing. For singing there exist some smallish "recording studios"
  • < Beelsebob> oh, *that's* why rich businessmen like them so much!
  • < enrico> stephankn: I checked again with people here: karaoke tend to be singing in public, which kind of excludes borderline prostitution activities as there is no privacy
  • < enrico> stephankn: cheeky things with ladies of negotiable affection tend to happen more in KTV places, where you can rent a sort of private cubicle with couches for singing
  • < stephankn> enrico: I thought you are referring to exactly such places.
  • < mackerski> Perhaps the prostitution is just a front. Personally I'd rather admit to consorting with hookers than to singing like an eejit to some cheesy backing track...


  • <Submarine> Aerial photos in forested or mountaineous areas are not excellent for showing roads.
  • <speedevil> We need more agent orange.


  • < wierdo> I "love" orwellian terms like "traffic calming." I find most traffic calming devices to be quite enraging, actually. ;)


  • < Chillly> rweait1: Navigation in Ireland can be fun. When asked the way to Tralee I got the answer:"if i was going to Tralee I wouldn't start from here"
  • < Chillly> When I asked the fastest way to Blackrock, the guy asked if I was in a car. When I said yes, he said that's the fastest way to Blackrock.


  • < Firefishy> If anyone feels like being creative, I accept 256x256 png file replacements for https://tile.openstreetmap.org/abuse.png
  • < Firefishy> and goatse is not a valid option.


  • < jynus> just a very general question. How did you managed to create strong local communities? We, in Spain, have the mailing list, and from time to time we organize mapping parties. But I believe that we have a lack of people from the same area meeting even if it is just having some beers, like the german community.
  • < petschge> jynus: lack of good local beer?



  • 22:35 -!- Satan666Hell [d95e7ba2@ircip3.mibbit.com] has joined #osm
  • 22:36 < Satan666Hell> i want map japan... give me please WMS URL
  • 22:41 < Satan666Hell> Shit IRC
  • 22:42 -!- Satan666Hell [d95e7ba2@ircip3.mibbit.com] has quit [Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client]


  • <rweait2> We should to a Mapnik code sprint at State of the Map - Vienna.
  • <rweait2> ... and by "We" I mean, "The rest of you." ;-)


  • <emacsen> there's no such things an an official "affiliate". If you want to get the OSMF's position, ask the OSMF
  • <mannaz> Fanatics?
  • * rasher starts a local chapter of OSM Fanatics
  • <rasher> We wear hi-vis vests and beat up users of commercial GIS packages at conventions


  • 11:03 -!- JOSM [~50b1b3c2@shenron.openstreetmap.org] has joined #osm
  • 11:04 * harry-wood gulps
  • 11:05 -!- JOSM was kicked from #osm by RichardF [JOSM]
  • 11:05 <@RichardF> I've always wanted to do that


  • <apmon> zere: Well, lets try and have a poll amongst mappers what their reasons were for joining
  • <SteveC> I joined for the women



  • <emacsen> OSM needs a mascott
  • <emacsen> How about Mappy the OSM Capybara
  • <ToeBee> "mappy" reminds me of "clippy" - "It looks like you are trying to make a map. Would you like help with that?"


  • <[l]Komzpa> one of belarusian banks just published their clients database
  • <[l]Komzpa> including credit sizes and passwords and etc.
  • <[l]Komzpa> now their web site is offline, but half an hour ago had every bit about every client in /data/ dir
  • <ToeBee> clever. Hiding it in plain sight. No one will ever think to look THERE!
  • <harry-wood> Well I showed the audience my laptop password on a big projector last night ...also clever :-)
  • <Derick> harry-wood: i remember it though ;-)
  • <Derick> i've typed passwords into IRC
  • <ToeBee> I've managed to avoid that. I did paste some code with a DB password in it to pastebin though
  • <Derick> committed a password to a public mailinglist... all of it happens
  • <Derick> or doing in SQL: update user set password="foobar"
  • <Derick> and not having the where clause set!
  • <Derick> that was a co-worker though
  • <Derick> 1200 people had to reset their password :)
  • <ToeBee> before I started apparently someone did something similar with our billing database. Suddenly everyone's last name was the same


  • <bjt>: in JOSM's bulletin: "2011-07-32 (4327) Select and delete mode now have better visual indication what the next action will do (highlighting, cursor changes)."
  • <bjt>: 2011-7-32 ?
  • <EdLoach> bjt: I'm more impressed that they know what the next action will be. Will JOSM soon be mapping without human intervention?
  • <balrog-k2n>: they tested initial versions of the feature but it was abandoned because it was tagging for the renderer too much and used relation as categories
  • <balrog-k2n>: also all the names it added were in German


  • 01:00 * SpeedEvil imagines a solution where it's possible to bend the imagery using user-shared control points as if it was on a rubber sheet.
  • 01:01 * SpeedEvil imagines people distorting roads into the shapes of penises.
  • 01:01 < mackerski> SpeedEvil: Well, around here the council does make a bollocks of many roads...


  • <HannesHH> this has to be quoted without context somewhere: <TomH> puff has just been swapped for soup in the last hour


  • <JonathanB_> chillly: You know that's rhyming slang?>
  • <JonathanB_> Vladimir Putin == drive by shootin'
  • <JonathanB_> "He got hit in a Vlad"


  • EdLoach is surprised his comments are still going out. I seem to have lost web browsing and office vpn capabilities
EdLoach has left IRC (Quit: ,)

  • <ToeBee> RichardF: right but in my mind keeping daily data up to date is pretty much unreasonable on any kind of scale. At least currently
  • * RichardF has long since given up second-guessing the enthusiasm of OSMers ;)
  • <RichardF> in my mind getting a bunch of amateurs to map the world is pretty much unreasoHOLY SHIT WHAT IS THIS OPENSTREETMAP THING


  • <emacsen> Open Arial Map would be fun to. Its such a nice font ;)


  • <bobkare> heh, reminds me of that talk from the OS guy at SOTM in Ireland with all the profane place names in Scotland
  • <bobkare> the thing was that these surveyors walked around in an almost military-looking uniform in like around 1900 asking Scottish farmers what their farm was, and basically just wrote down the responses


  • <pnorman> My "edit" tab is not PL2!
  • <Komzpa> my is JOSM
  • * RichardF disowns Komzpa


  • <RichardF> although I do actually know what our cat does all day. Sleeps.
  • <Komzpa> RichardF: what about night?
  • <RichardF> Komzpa: that's more difficult. I know sometimes he talks to next door's cat, because we hear them. AwwwooooOOOOoooooWWWWWWWWwwww etc.
  • <Derick> that's not talking, that's having sex


  • <Stereo> I vaguely remember something about geofabrik making their boundary polygons 1-2% larger to make sure they got all borders
  • <RichardF_> Stereo: no, that's just typical German expansionism


  • <RichardF> ris: did I tell you the story of the Jehovah's Witnesses coming to our village?
  • <ris> RichardF: i dont think so
  • <RichardF> ok, well, usual thing
  • <RichardF> I answer the doorbell, there's a couple of JWs there
  • <RichardF> "can we talk to you about Jesus?" I explain that I'm the church organist and a militant liberal Anglican type etc. etc.
  • <RichardF> and they seem quite happy
  • <RichardF> so I take a copy of the Watchtower because there's still some space in the recycle bin
  • <RichardF> and they head off down the road
  • <RichardF> and I think: oh boy.
  • <RichardF> about six doors down the road from us is the Archbishop of Canterbury's house.
  • <RichardF> they are going to ring the doorbell and say "hello, can I talk to you about Jesus?"
  • <RichardF> and the head of the Church of England, who is quite distinctive and has an awesome beard, is going to open the door
  • <RichardF> I bet he invited them in


  • <ToeBee> wow openheatmap is not kind to my atom cpu
  • <RichardF> why do you think it's called that :)


  • <Beelsebob> "Hi, I just thought I would let you know that I will be updating the names of the streets in Elgin. I will be checking the names using google streetview and using. http://www.itoworld.com/product/data/osm_analysis/area?name=Moray to direct where I will be looking. Cheers. Bob"
  • <blackadder> Beelsebob: RichardF Do I need to set a soft block?
  • <RichardF> a Blackadder and a Bob. hmmmm.
  • <Beelsebob> I'm not secretly a beautiful woman is the only slight problem


  • <iandees> my rweait is broken.
  • <ToeBee> you should get that looked at
  • <gregory> if iandees has own rweait, I want one
  • gregory went out and might have missed an expla ation
  • <mackerski> gregory: Well, we did discover that RichardF's rweait is full of eels


  • <TomH> so top ones are polish, portugese, czech, chinese, swedish, finnish, japanese
  • <RichardF> damn, no Old Irish in there. was going to volunteer.
  • <iandees> i can do english
  • <RichardF> you're American. I doubt that very much.

  • <Komzpa> simonpoole_: well, almost everyone accepted - http://odbl.de/belarus.html. top two people who didn't accept include balrog-k1n who's not from Belarus and MacTen who died.
  • <Richlv> that sounds like a monty python sketch
  • <RichardF> Richlv: yeah, a few decliners died over here. terrible shame. entirely accidental.
  • <RichardF> but, you know, accidents will happen.
  • * RichardF is joking, just in case any law enforcement officials are reading this.
  • <Beelsebob> RichardF: you mean you never planted the bomb with the rabbit irish hitler badgers in it?
  • <Beelsebob> (just to guarentee that law enforcement do read it)
  • <RichardF> Beelsebob: rabbit?!!!
  • <Beelsebob> uhhh yes
  • <Beelsebob> rabbit...
  • <RichardF> blimey.
  • <Beelsebob> rabbits and badgers are always of interest to law enforcement
  • <Beelsebob> didn't you know?
  • <RichardF> badgers I can understand. suspicious-looking little black-and-white bastards.
  • <Beelsebob> they could after all be escaped prisoners
  • <Beelsebob> disguising themselves in their prison uniforms
  • <EdLoach> Years ago I went on a tour of Stafford(shire?) police HQ, and they pointed out that dead badger reports had to be dealt with in a certain way - something to do with TB checks.
  • <Socks> (he is black and white/ but he doesn't fight / except for mating rights and territory)
  • <Komzpa> *mapping


  • <SpeedEvil> The n9 fixes potlatch by not allowing flash.


  • <rweait1> AndrewBuck: not quite. The list shows where the decliners were mapping. If you see a city near you on the list....
  • <rweait1> then you have a decliner to target.
  • <rweait1> Of course, you can clean any of them if you like.
  • <ToeBee> ... with a slingshot?


  • <RichardF> we're all generally very friendly.


  • <pavi> OSMF and politics sorrounding license change never tend to stop !
  • <RichardF> roll on 1st April :)
  • <lukys> I have an idea for an April fool's prank.
  • <lukys> Declare that we're not really changing licence after all.
  • <lukys> "We just wanted to weed out the difficult twats. Thank you and good day."


  • <RichardF> simonpoole: which editor do you use?
  • <simonpoole> vi


  • <samintexas> With how well this community works, I really did forget that it was the internet


  • <simonpoole____> my daughter went in to a fit because she couldn't have her pacifier
  • <simonpoole____> reminds me of FOSM :-)
  • <simonpoole____> there is a difference however ....
  • <simonpoole____> my daughter got over it and started behaving


  • <achadwick> I found the usual half-mapped village with the trackpoints heading directly towards the pub and staying there earlier, and scowled muchly.


  • * simonpoole___ is one day going to write a book... working title ... the fascination of nerds with their tools instead of the real product or so
  • <ascii_ph1l> simonpoole___: I hope you write the book in LaTeX; it's really the best tool for th job. }:>
  • <balrog-k2n> remember to commit changes to git often
  • <ascii_ph1l> No, no. bzr.
  • <balrog-k2n> but there's a nice vim plugin for git
  • <balrog-k2n> and another for LaTeX
  • <RichardF> simonpoole___: have you decided on the licence for the book yet? that's the most important thing
  • * simonpoole___ the sequel will replace tools with licences


  • <speedevil> 'If you don't agree, we will send round Richard, who will show you pictures of canals until you do'
  • <HannesHH> "If you don't agree, your account will be locked to Potlatch and Potlatch only"


  • <Tra> Nearly all mappers use windows. Linux is only for coders.


  • <access> can I find my missing socks using OSM/Nominatim?
  • <Gnonthgol> access: how did you tag them
  • <access> clothing=socks, colour=black
  • <access> should have put an owner or operator tag on them too I guess
  • <Gnonthgol> you forgot the sock_length tag, now you will never find them
  • <access> ;_;
  • <Gnonthgol> &taginfo sock_length
  • <osmbot-test> Gnonthgol: Tag sock_length has 2 values and appears 2 times in the planet.
  • <Gnonthgol> but you might just find them if somebody have found them and tagged them with a name
  • <Gnonthgol> &taginfo "name=The Lost Sock"
  • <osmbot-test> Gnonthgol: Tag name=The Lost Sock appears 2 times in the planet.
  • <access> :D
  • <Gnonthgol> access: looks like your lucky day, we have a pair of lost socks in the database


  • <wonderchook> harry-wood: I'm going to conscript you into presenting in DC
  • harry-wood has left IRC ()
  • <derick> nice job


  • <JonathanB_> timbl (sometimes of this parish) has an OSM sticker on his laptop.
  • <Beelsebob> JonathanB_: I wasn't aware of that... and that's awesome
  • <JonathanB_> He's a big fan -- has mentioned OSM and what we're doing at TED at least once.
  • <RichardF> there's a TED video somewhere of him using Potlatch (1) and saying how this is the future of the web :)
  • <Beelsebob> RichardF: haha, that's pretty epic
  • <Gnonthgol> it was not clear wether he ment P1 or OSM though
  • <RichardF> er, I think the point is that it's an editable map
  • <Beelsebob> I'm guessing he meant interactive tools for mass editing stuff
  • <Beelsebob> I very much doubt he meant flash :P
  • <RichardF> er, yeah, also I very much doubt he meant line 98762345 of potlatch.as
  • <RichardF> why does #osm have to over-analyse everything? sheesh
  • <RichardF> /rename #osm #aspergers
  • <EdLoach> what makes you think we over-analyse everything?
  • <pnorman_win> EdLoach: why did you ask that question?


  • <oeon> first Maperitive was new to me (today) now taginfo...wow
  • <ziltro> You can find great things on there. Like shop=fake_id.


  • <Sprutik> i have a good situshion 2-3 cm
  • <Sprutik> posishoin
  • <Sprutik> why all tell about - i must to maping - like GPS track?
  • <Sprutik> anderstand me?


  • <simonpoole___> ah GMM is supposed to by coming here... that is actually news
  • <ToeBee> crash their local events! :)
  • <ToeBee> wasn't it Komzpa who did that?
  • <Komzpa> I did, but they don't come to my country anymore :(


  • <RichardF> at university I was in a band with a bunch of friends, one of whom (Dan) was a music student
  • <RichardF> and Dan (who was from Manchester) went to some music seminar or other
  • <RichardF> there was a lecture on "marketing in music". This was about the time when Oasis were in the charts
  • <RichardF> and the lecturer was saying "It's all about selling an image. The Gallagher brothers aren't really rough, they're just playing up to an image because it sells records."
  • <RichardF> Dan stood up, cleared his throat, and in his Mancunian accent said: "actually, Liam Gallagher is quite hard. he pushed me down the stairs at school and it bloody hurt"


  • <Zverik> from Russian forum (on a request from Poles to help remapping their country): "well, should we share Poland with Germans?"


  • <SteveC> I hate IRC

  • <Richlv> also, i can understand how a casual mapper who would only improve his area here and there would miss licencechange
  • * C0bra just misread something.
  • <C0bra> do we have a "Miss Licensechange" yet? :D
  • <olasd> what do you mean?
  • <olasd> (I'm starting to regret I even asked that)
  • <Richlv> olasd, that came from my text :)
  • <olasd> yeah, right
  • * olasd slaps the beer
  • <DennisL> thats alcohol abuse


  • <RichardF> I've long suspected the reason the Germans like OpenStreetMap so much is that it has a German-style name, constructed by running a load of nouns together


  • <CGI097> Hi, I'm using the app MyMaps and my access has been blocked. I didn't realize there was a limit on tile downloading. Can I get it unblocked?
  • <C0bra> did you pay for this app?
  • <CGI097> i did pay for it...
  • <C0bra> get a refund, it's a scam
  • <petschge> is there a workflow where we can notify Apple about such Apps and have them pulled from the app store?
  • <Gnonthgol> I thought they only checked the description to see if it does something that can be used to compete with apple
  • <ToeBee> also, no boobies
  • <C0bra> they banned the app of a German news mag once. they had an undressed lady on the cover. from behind. on the cover of the print version. which was available without any public problems in every store for everyone.
  • <ToeBee> I think I just thought of a brilliant solution
  • <ToeBee> we just need to put naked ladies on the "tile access blocked" tile!
  • <C0bra> but they shouldn't be too good-looking
  • <ToeBee> heh yeah. My second thought was "hmm how can I cause myself to get blocked?"
  • <Gnonthgol> goatsee
  • <C0bra> goatse without any trace back to osm would be really evil
  • <C0bra> I'd love to see the users and the following shitstorm in the ratings

  • <Gnonthgol> how did I guess "It has been longstanding practice, at least in some places, to map all former rail lines. --NE2 21:10, 16 December 2011"
  • <ToeBee> I recall him adding an old railway and claiming that you could see evidence of it on the ground. Then someone pointed out that it was on the wrong side of the road


  • <RichardF> my hovercraft is full of eels


  • <RichardF> cider is bad.


  • <RichardF> there are stations in rural Wales where the automatic announcement says "The next train is for Pembroke Dock, calling at..." and then reads out about 30 places where the train is stopping.
  • <RichardF> it then does the same thing again, but in Welsh.
  • <RichardF> by the time this has finished, the train has arrived, dropped off passengers, picked up passengers, and left.


  • <Richlv> amenity=parking_entrance is a bit misleading to be used on a parking... exit. which i just did :>
  • <ToeBee> there is an entrance=* tag
  • <ToeBee> of which one value is entrance=exit :)
  • <Gnonthgol> there are no exits, only entrances to the rest of the world :P
  • * ToeBee gives Gnonthgol one cleverness point



  • <AndrewBuck> simon-n101: are you simonpoole?
  • <simon-n101> I tHinkle so :-)
  • <simon-n101> Hmm I should really turn off the German spellchecker before I start typing


  • <Stereo> When I upload a changeset, I like to open that place in my browser while it still hasn't rendered, permalink to it, open that in a new tab a few seconds later, then switch between the tabs
  • <Stereo> seeing your changes go live never gets old :)


  • <redsteakraw> With the new ODbL, if one were to use OSM to trace user contributed POIs that aren't relevant to the OSM dataset would all of the POIs need to be released as well?
  • <simonpoole_> what is "notrelevant" in the OSM context?
  • <redsteakraw> very personal information, like where one lost their virginity

  • <Veggen> hmm...man_made=beach ?
  • <Veggen> (what do you call an artificial beach? :)
  • <Gnonthgol> and what is the difference between an artificial beach and a natural one?
  • <Veggen> not much, actually.
  • <alv> where you swim in gasoline and take sun on crushed glass?
  • <balrog-k1n> . o O (if the glass is reflective it would boost the amount of light you get)
  • <balrog-k1n> 1h of sunbathing in 30 minutes


  • <ToeBee> I once noticed a dating service ad because they had OSM based maps in the background (their own rendering)


  • <PovAddict> "when all you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a thumb"
  • <pnorman> ah, but not my thumb

  • <Gnonthgol> if a way have no tags, does it exist

  • <PovAddict> a friend is giving me information about the US, some street named wrong
  • <PovAddict> I have zero experience editing in the US, what do I do with the TIGER tags?
  • <Gnonthgol> I usualy just post the way id here and the whole town gets mapped from bing in less then half an hour


  • * balrog-k2n mapped a cafe that was across the street from the restaurant he was sitting at and as soon as he mapped it, the owner arrived with a some workers and started taking down the labels and emptying the place of furniture etc :(


  • <Gnonthgol> looking at that image it have to be mongolia
  • <Gnonthgol> no other place have so bad highways that is is better to drive off road

  • <malenki> google solves the issue of routing over the date line really elegantly: it has no highways in that region


  • <redsteakraw> Taco Bell cuisine = taco or cuisine = mexican, seeing as many mexican's don't concider taco bell to be mexican food how would any of you tag it? taginfo isn't showing anything atm
  • * RichardF thought Taco Bell was a phone company
  • <Beelsebob> I thought it was a bell with some glue on it
  • <Gnonthgol> RichardF: thats Telco Bell


  • <Darkswan_Import> it would be perfect if i can choose to monitor a specific administration bound
  • <Darkswan_Import> for a big town
  • <Darkswan_Import> but i can live with it
  • <Darkswan_Import> i'll use a BBOX :)
  • <Stereo> petition the local government to have the boundary made square?

  • <mentor> The highways in this cemetery are tagged as "residential"


  • <simonpoole_> the paragraph that starts with The corrections... is a bit bumpy
  • <pnorman> I'd change "For the first time, anyone viewing the map can suggest a correction" but I can't think of a better wording
  • <Zverik> and "check, before then updating the map" is imo ambigous. Visit and check, but update the map before?
  • * simonpoole_ welcomes everybody to our happy bikesheding hour
  • <harry-wood> Personally I would't use the term "bikeshedding" in this context. I think "blogging by committee" is a better phrase
  • <harry-wood> but… you know… perhaps somebody else has a better suggestion :-)


  • <PovAddict> "if you find a definition that fits nice in one place it might not fit so well other places"
  • <PovAddict> welcome to openstreetmap


  • * Katpatuka is more fond of sex appeal than funding appeal
  • <pnorman> ya but that's hard to expense
  • * Firefishy gets (un)dressed into a sexy outfit and fires up the webcam for katpatuka ;-)
  • <pnorman> Firefishy: nice rack


  • <SomeoneElse> harry-wood: (just in case you're not aware) P2 does show changeset tags in it's default "history" box
  • <vad> "its"
  • * SomeoneElse has been outgrammarpedanted!
  • <Dee> I wonder what's with this big grey noman's land
  • <Dee> https://maps.google.co.uk/?ll=50.986531,-1.060181&spn=0.342769,0.617294&t=m&z=11
  • <vad> Dee: Google's mapper's we're too lazy
  • <Dee> vad: "mappers" :p
  • <vad> Dee: you don't say.
  • <Dee> vad: and "were" :)
  • <vad> Dee: tell that someoneelse.


  • <tmcw> just uncorked a bottle of champagne in the mapbox headquarters, it's spraying everywhere, drenching macbooks


  • -!- DennisL [~oftc-webi@] has joined #osm
  • <DennisL> Hi Dennis, I have a quick question re OSRM project
  • * iandees blinks
  • <DennisL> sorry, first time on this
  • -!- DennisL [~oftc-webi@] has left #osm []


  • <rjc> who do I need to contact in order to get an unused nick assigned reassigned to me?
  • <rjc> basically, a nick which I use almost everywhere else has been taken but there are no contributions on that account
  • <rjc> ... since 2007
  • <TomH> as somebody that could do it, no, we are not in the business of arbitrating who most deserves a particular name
  • <TomH> it's first come, first served I'm afraid
  • <rjc> TomH: sure, I appreciate that
  • <rjc> TomH: the thing is that someone who has registered the account has not done any uploads since then
  • <rjc> TomH: and it has been 6 (six) years ago
  • <rjc> TomH: if the user was active, or at least with one recent upload, I wouldn't have requested it
  • <EdLoach> rjc: You could try "Send Message" to see if they'd mind renaming their account?
  • <rjc> EdLoach: didn't think about it, thanks
  • <rjc> EdLoach: simply assumed the account dead
  • <chillly> rjc, if the user is rjc, they could well be uncontactable - they remain undecided about the long-since licence change. That often means uncontactable
  • <rjc> chillly: I have now sent a message from within OSM


  • <rjc> Ahem... that is quite embarrasing... but I'll share it anyway
  • <rjc> It appear that the account is mine ;^)
  • <rjc> sorry for wasting everybody's time, including my own, I should ave started with sending the message to *myself*

  • <spiffy> the free beer starts 2 hours after the AGM starts, so that puts a practical limit on it


(at the London Hack Day)

  • <zere> "Let's programmatically disappear up our own arse" - and then - Rails!
  • <emacsen> Shaun, you need to learn how to play the goat


  • <RichardF> when I went to SOTM-US in Portland the other year, I had to change planes in Vancouver. I got chatting to an American guy who was asking where I was going, so I started explaining about "you know Wikipedia? well, this is like that, except for maps"
  • <RichardF> at which point the German in the queue behind me said "ach, OpenStreetMap? cool! I didn't know there was a conference this weekend!"


  • <Freed> mvexel: I'm uploading a challange to maproulette
  • <emacsen> Freed: umm, how are you doing that?
  • <Freed> with a modified process.py from osmose database
  • <mvexel> Freed: the api endpoints are not publicly accessible
  • <emacsen> Are you saying you want to, or you are?
  • <emacsen> I don't see an account that you could be using, so I don't think you are
  • <Freed> it's done
  • <Freed> seamarkfixme is present now on your api


  • <emacsen> Freed: thanks for showing us that the API isn't protected as it should be
  • <emacsen> you shouldn't be able to do that


  • <EdLoach> IS OpenStreetMap tracking pregnant women? We get a mention in http://thinkprogress.org/culture/2014/04/29/3432050/can-you-hide-from-big-data/
  • <dawidi> EdLoach: i like how the article ends with a "please like us on facebook" pop-up, embeds a youtube video, and uses a dozen different advertising/tracking networks
  • <dawidi> (and that's the problem on virtually *every* article about the evilness of big data)


  • <Zverik> "punt tout" sounds like an obscenity. Cambridge is full of punt touts, especially on Friday!
  • <RichardF> a friend who lives in Cambridge got a T-shirt made specially for walking through the town centre at weekends
  • <RichardF> it says "No I don't want a ****ing punt tour - I live here!


  • <Zverik_h> russian osm radio in 7 minutes, going to discuss diversity and sexism... but cannot reach our one female mapper we've found
  • <Zverik_h> so it's bascially some men gathering around and chatting about what women want :)


  • <pnorman> well, you know vector tiles. it's like they give you a big box of lego with no instructions
  • <RichardF> and when you tred on one it bloody well hurts


  • <RichardF> for new visitors to #osm, this is our regularly scheduled attribution timeslot. 'best editor' flamewars will follow in 25 minutes and then 'imports - good or bad?' an hour after that. happy listening.


  • <zool> there's nothing legal about the DWG ;)


  • <malenki> usually (afaik of course) "wonder" in english is used as "ich frage mich" or "ich bin gespannt"
  • <malenki> wenn ich mich über etwas wundere oder staune, i say in english "gosh! i am astonished"
  • <RichardF> that's very polite of you
  • <RichardF> most English people would say "well f--k me sideways with a bargepole"


  • <Glassman> any suggestions for tagging a "christian science reading room"
  • <PovAddict> "oxymoron"?


  • <Zverik> Good day to everyone using maps.me :) I recommend turning off sound on your smartphones when at meeting or at a cinema. 28 push-notifications are coming
  • <Zverik> about a day without cars tomorrow :)
  • <Derick> why 28?! :)
  • <Zverik> due to a bug in a "parse" library, instead of a single-language notification, it decided to show all of them, in 28 languages
  • <Zverik> and we found out this morning it's impossible to stop when started
  • <rasher> Came running to warn everyone. I see I'm a few minutes too late
  • <Zverik> rasher: you can imagine how it sounded in maps.me office: everybody has 2-3 versions installed on their phones :)
  • <Zverik> and for some reason almost nobody turns off sound!


  • <EdLoach> Spooky. I just visited the Timelapse_videos page on the wiki and suddenly it is half an hour later.


  • <ToeBee> I have some big relations most of them have diabetes
  • <malenki> do you mean karies?


  • <iandees> what if we made a VR editor?
  • <iandees> you could walk around with goggles on your head and say "that's a gas station"
  • <iandees> and boom it would make a node!
  • <RichardF> "boom" at a gas station is perhaps not a great idea


  • <RichardF> you know, for all the $$$$ that Mapbox and Bing plough into satellite imagery, I consistently find that the most up-to-date imagery of the US is the USGS layer hosted on a slow server by OSM-US
  • <danpat> well, RichardF, I hope you're happy, we've just burned 5 man-hours of our satellite team time flamewarring your comment


  • <rorym> A fellow Irish family member worked as a public health nurse in Glasglow in ~1981. Had to give eye tests to kids from the flats there. She couldn't understand how they pronounced the letters, so just passed everyone :P


  • <harry-wood> Not sure how one can determine baby unfriendliness, apart from turning up with a baby
  • <shaunmcdonald> Yup, hard to know. My parents have walked out of a restaurant after ordering when the staff suggested that breastfeeding had to be done in the toilet, and they wouldn't setup a table for the rest of the family in the toilet because it would be too unhigenic.


  • <CGI519> Hello Sir
  • <CGI519> anyone can help ?
  • <vax_> yes
  • <Derick> CGI519: you'd have to ask a question first...
  • <ivansanchez> Derick: Technically, "anyone can help?" is a question
  • <zerda2> Technically, answer "yes" was already given
  • <katpatuka> any 'Sirs' here? ;)
  • <RichardF> ivansanchez: technically it's a statement with a question mark added at the end... "can anyone help?" would be a question


  • <Derick> I'm getting a bit bored with MissingMaps
  • <harry-wood1> Drawing round lots of buildings! What could be boring about that??


  • <Stereo> Zverik: was the source for your subway validator open? I'd love something like that for bus lines.
  • <@RichardF> Stereo: https://github.com/mapsme/cf_audit https://github.com/mapsme/osm_conflate I think
  • <maxerickson> I think https://github.com/mapsme/subways
  • <@RichardF> aha yes
  • <Stereo> I want whatever Zverik is having for breakfast these days.
  • <@RichardF> Stereo: vodka?
  • <Stereo> On organic muesli, and a litre of coffee
  • <@RichardF> organic muesli for health, coffee for coding, vodka to deal with the stress of being an OSMF director


  • <SK53> simonpoole: I've still not had the courage to de-cadastre my uncle's house (#14 here (Link: https://www.openstreetmap.org/#map=19/.....)
  • <simonpoole> afraid of the ghost of cadastre past?


  • <Maturion> now, is there anybody who can issue a one week ban on my OSM account? :)
  • <nicolas17> addiction?
  • <Maturion> yes
  • <RichardF> Maturion: one of the Data Working Group can do so - FTA or SomeoneElse if they're here
  • <pnorman> Maturion: send an OSM message to pnorman to confirm that you want a block for a week and I can do it
  • <Maturion> @pnorman: Thank you. You are gonna save my exams :)


  • <SK53> maxerickson: any ideas for a business which sells ride-on mowers & chainsaws? they've just added themselves and would like to make a useful suggestion
  • <Stereo> Ride-on chainsaws?
  • <Stereo> Suggestion: drive well away from the bike lane



  • <SK53> Another oddity is that node 1 starts its existence as deleted, reappears as a restuarant in BA on Sarmiento in 2012, and then is variously a pine tree in andrewsh's garden, null island buoy and finally at Greenwich


  • <Stereo> If mapbox has a black helicopter, they could at least use it to get new imagery


  • <Derick> trigpoint: I like what norway does. Every car park allows paying by card... dip in, dip out.
  • <johan_entur> everything in norway allows paying with card
  • <johan_entur> im surprised beggars on the steet dont have card terminals


  • <katpatuka> where's the overpass wizard maxerickson ?
  • <RichardF> probably asleep
  • <Marc_marc> we need to clone maxerickson and put the copy in another TZ


  • <rorym> If you can cope with how we tag (say) footpaths, and that process, surely you can get the idea of non-binary genders!
  • <Stereo> "I'm a cis male footpath"?
  • <SJFriedl> ..with a footpath fetish?
  • <contrapunctus> Wat
  • <Stereo> I'm secretly into PTv2
  • <simonpoole> that must be against the law
  • <simonpoole> just wait till I tell the pope


  • <Stereo> Ahhh and that's when I found out that if you include an ascii cat in your overpass query, it can print out n-w-r


  • <Wonka> how would I tag a building that's currently being demolished?
  • <simonpoole> build___
  • <simonpoole> :-)
  • <RichardF> carefully
  • <simonpoole> with a hard hat


  • <chippy> whats with nicks with the [m] in the name?
  • <chippy> ahh the irc client is matrix?
  • <PoempelFox[m]> and you can actually change the nick so it doesn't include the [m], I don't really know why people don't do that. Maybe they don't care.
  • <Marc_marc> you don't care ? :D
  • <FoxMuldV6> oh dear this is embarassing :) I blame it on them killing off all the bridges recently, I actually did change it before but then switched servers.

2019-04-30 (#osm-gb)

  • <RichardF> ha, message from someone asking if I really meant to use this landuse tag: https://www.openstreetmap.org/way/22963018
  • <RichardF> I have no flipping idea, that was 11 years ago, I can barely remember what I was doing 11 days ago
  • <Derick> "mapping"
  • <RichardF> I'm not even sure on that one... I have no recollection of ever going to Kelsall. I may have been testing out Yahoo imagery in P1 or something
  • <Derick> armchair mapping huh ;-)


  • <SomeoneElse> On the subject of "I wish OS tool did X" I can't think of anything in OSM that would be (a) easy to do and (b) non-controversial.

  • <RichardF> by definition, anyone who spends their spare time trudging around streets taking down details of houses and shops is fairly lacking in common sense anyway


  • <LivingWithDragons> Stereo: I was going to suggest you might want to vote for Guillaume... then my brain caught up with connecting your name and it felt stupid.
  • <Stereo> LivingWithDragons: you should vote for Greg, he has the same sense of humour as you
  • <simonpoole> and sings similar


  • <simonpoole> dwfreed: yes we clearly need boat=no and motor_boat=no on all roads
  • <rorym> Didn't someone complain about adding `horse=no` to a fish & chip shop?
  • <Derick> I'd be more worried if people added horse=yes
  • <johan_entur> i think i added unisex=yes to a stream tunnel=culvert once, by mistake
  • <johan_entur> but it was true, so I kept it


  • <grischard[m]> I'm stuck at home with a cold, might as well make something out of my moments of clarity :)
  • <grischard[m]> RichardF: the link at the top of https://www.systemed.net/carto/cotswold_canals.html is broken
  • <grischard[m]> And so is the "next map" image at the bottom right of https://systemed.net/atlas/
  • <@RichardF> thanks, will fix next time I have a cold ;)
  • <@RichardF> grischard[m]: wait - you have a cold? have you been to Northern Italy recently?
  • <@RichardF> I'm not sure what channel etiquette should be for people with coronavirus
  • <@RichardF> maybe we have to isolate you in your own channel for 14 days
  • <grischard[m]> I haven't, and the doctor says it's not coronavirus
  • <@RichardF> whew
  • <grischard[m]> Hahaha


on the OSM World Discord Server

  • <GoodClover [GB]> Orange juice goes with anything for me I'm weird. It literally almost all I drink. Give me orange juice and your my friend
  • <Casper (NL)> You know it's not really healthy, right? For example, it's really acidic
  • <Amᵃᵖanda [EU]> toothpaste!
  • <Casper (NL)> You drink toothpaste?
  • <Amᵃᵖanda [EU]> only when I'm out of wine