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Public-images-osm logo.svg waterway = fairway
A navigable route in a lake or sea, often marked by buoys or beacons. Изменить или перевести это описание.
Группа: водный путь
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точки не принято отмечать этим тегомлинии можно отмечать этим тегомполигоны не принято отмечать этим тегомотношения не принято отмечать этим тегом
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Используйте waterway=fairway для линейного линия представления судоходного маршрута в водоеме, таком как озеро или море, в тех случаях, когда другие значения, такие как waterway=river или waterway=canal, не подходят. Не используйте его вместо waterway=river или waterway=canal.

Фарватер может быть отмечен буями на воде, маяками на суше или состоять из других видимых и поддающихся проверке соединений между точками, где есть вход или выход из водоема, например, точки, где waterway=river или waterway=canal впадает в озеро.

waterway=fairway не следует путать с route=ferry, который описывает вид (общественного) транспорта для участников дорожного движения, который соединяет дорожные сети через водоем.

How to map

See also: Waterways

Create a simple linear way линия, in the direction of flow if relevant, and add waterway=fairway.

For a artificially created major navigation channel, marked by buoys or beacons on the water also add an area полигон for seamark:type=fairway.


A tag like waterway=fairway is needed to represent verifiable navigable waterway passages across open water, but has lead to discussion on Talk:Tag:waterway=fairway, since it has overlap with several other tags and concepts.

The presence of bouys on the water for instance is not the defining property of a fairway: bouys can also be present on a waterway=river or waterway=canal and fairways without bouys can also exist. The usage of the word fairway in waterway=fairway may be different from its use in other contexts. Although it has been suggested to use other tags instead of waterway=fairway, this is still the most widely used tag for navigable passages across open water.

See also

  • seamark:type=fairway - Area полигон representation of that part of a river, harbour and so on, where the main navigable channel for vessels of larger size lies.
  • IHO - Fairway - That part of a river, harbour etc. where the main navigable channel for vessels of larger size lies. It is also the usual course followed by vessels entering or leaving harbours and sometimes called “ship channel”
  • IHO - Channel - That part of a body of water (sometimes dredged) deep enough for navigation through an area otherwise not navigable. It is usually marked by a single or double line of buoys and sometimes by ranges. The deepest part of a stream, bay or strait through which the main current flows. See also strait.
  • route=motorboat - A recreational route specifically signed for motorboats (and not signed for other boats such as canoes)
  • route=canoe - A signed route for canoes, kayaks, or other paddle craft.


Fairway Szczecin-Swinoujscie, Poland
Navigation Channel at Lower Harbour, Port Chalmers, Otago Harbour, Dunedin, New Zealand