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  • What - An OpenStreetMap Mapping Weekend in Reading, UK sponsored by Cloudmade.
  • Aim - To map as many highways, cycleways and footpaths as possible, especially in the blank West part of town.
  • Who - Open to all, experienced OSM'ers and new participants alike.
  • How - Bring along some transport (feet, bike, horse, car, bus etc) and if you have one a GPS receiver, and also if you have one a digital camera or Dictaphone. There will be a number of GPS receivers available to loan if you need one though.
  • More? - See below for more details plus the Q&A sheet (Yes I'll update to Reading if I get a moment before Saturday). For details on the day call blackadder (Andy Robinson) on 0777 553 7872


  • Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th December 2008


Our base will be in the town centre, a short walk from the railway station and other amenities:

Meeting Room 1 RISC
35-39 London Street

Note: Entrance before 10 on Sat and 11 on Sun (Before building/cafe opens) is at the back at the top of the car park ramp.

Lat/Lon: 51.45285,-0.96824 - Map

More about Reading on Wikipedia

Programme of Events

  • Saturday 27th - Meet at 10:00am (from 9:00am for setting up) for refreshments (tea urn style), training and dividing up the cake. Return at lunchtime or stay out all day, up to you. From 4pm till 5:30pm wrap up back at venue before heading out to the pub.
  • Saturday evening - out for a few drinks before heading off for food.
  • Sunday 28th - Meet at 10:00am for refreshments (tea urn style), review of Saturday and further dividing up the cake. Return at lunchtime or stay out all day, up to you. From 4pm till 5:30pm wrap up back at venue before heading home.

Who's going to be participating?

Please add your name if you plan to come along just so we get an idea of numbers and experience.

  • Blackadder is the organiser and will be there all weekend
  • Mattwestcott will do one day, probably Saturday
  • TomChance will do Saturday afternoon
  • Gregoryw will be there all day Saturday and until mid-afternoon Sunday;
  • Matt will be there Saturday Sunday.
  • steve8 will be there Saturday afternoon/evening or all day Sunday.
  • isindir will be there Saturday till noon.
  • TimSC, Sunday perhaps.
  • Smsm1 is there late Saturday.
  • marinheiro is there Sunday am.

Getting There

By Train

By Road


There ar 12 RISC parking spaces in the top carpark behind the building. Do not use the lower car park you will get clamped.

By Air

Somewhere to stay?

Where are people staying?

Mapping - The Cake

Our target area is the west and north of the town. The east side also needs to help to fill out a partially mapped area.


Also some other places in need of some mapping love (mini cakes to follow for some):

Add any you know.

Method to the Mapness

Indicate here preferred modes of transport, and when the cake is baked any slices you would like to do.

Name Transport Slices Result
Gregoryw Bicycle 7, followed by 9 if time allows Slice 7: All roads / footpaths covered except a few footpaths in the Spey Road / Deveron Drive area and a couple of small roads missed leading north from Tilehurst Road; Slice 9: Only a few footpaths in the north part of Propect Park surveyed. Ran out of time. My traces: [1] [2] [3] [4] --Gregoryw 19:32, 21 December 2008 (UTC)
isindir Bicycle 18 - streets are done, 20, 22 - streets are done (Uncovered Lower Earley)

Other Things to do and see in Reading over the Weekend



Anything interesting happening?

Things to see in Reading:

Finding out more

Stuff to sort

People to contact