Resolving lintings problems in Denmark

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Mapbox QA in Denmark, Summer 2021


Contact Person

We welcome feedback, suggestions, and insights from local mappers. If you have questions about this work, or a specific edit by our team, please reach out to Vlada at or post a comment in a changeset.


As part of on-going work to improve the quality of OpenStreetMap data, we recently used osmlint-osmium and osmlint for detecting issues related to road network data in Denmark. In total, there were 189 issues detected across 9 types of linters.

Our plan is to review detected issues in Denmark and fix any valid issues in OpenStreetMap.


We plan to start reviewing detected issues on this week [note:relative to 2021-07-28 ie. 2021-W30], and editing OpenStreetMap data to fix valid issues.


We will use existing OpenStreetMap editing tools, and using the #hashtag #mbx_linters_denmark

Editor: iD or JOSM

Satellite Imagery: Bing, Maxar, Esri

Street Level Imagery: Mapillary, Other open sources if available

Examples of linters in OSM

We used the following linters in Denmark:

issues total
crossinghighways 40
impossibleangle 31
impossibleoneways 16
islandshighways 59
mixedlayer 8
tr-missingroletr 7
tr-excessiverolestr 4
tr-missingtyperestrictiontr 24
sum 189