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Tracing farm roads from the SPOT imagery

The following are set of steps which will get you up and running with Pakistan SPOT imagery using the WMSPlugin within JOSM.


  • Download JOSM
  • Start JOSM
  • Open Preferences
  • Configure Available Plugins
  • Download List
  • Select wmsplugin
  • Click OK
  • Restart JOSM
  • Open Preferences
  • Select WMS Plugin
  • Click Add
  • Enter For Name: SPOT
  • Enter Below WMS URL:

  • Download relation of imagery coverage
  • File -> Download Object
  • Select "relation" for Object type
  • Enter Object ID 1136222
  • Click Download Object
  • Zoom to Somewhere in the Downloaded Polygon
  • Download Data for Editing
  • File -> Download From OSM
  • Press Download
  • WMS -> SPOT
  • Your Imagery Should Download for the Area
  • Enjoy Editing

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