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These are german translations of the texts in Sample driving instructions.


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destination_reached "Sie haben Ihr Ziel erreicht."

destination_reached_DISTANCE "In (distance) (unit) haben Sie Ihr Ziel erreicht."

turn_around "Wenn möglich, bitte wenden."

turn_around_DISTANCE "In (distance) (unit), bitte wenden."

turn_DIRECTION "Biegen Sie (direction) ab."

turn_DIRECTION_SIGNPOST "Biegen Sie (direction) ab, Richtung (destinations)."

turn_DIRECTION_NAME "Biegen Sie (direction) in (streetarticle) (streetname) ab."

turn_DIRECTION_DISTANCE "In (distance) (unit) biegen Sie (direction) ab."

turn_DIRECTION_DISTANCE_NAME "In (distance) (unit) (direction) in (streetarticle)(streetname) abbiegen."

turn_DIRECTION_DISTANCE_SIGNPOST "In (distance) (unit) (direction) Richtung (destinations) abbiegen."

take_EXIT' "Nehmen Sie die (numbers)."

take_EXIT_SIGNPOST' "Nehmen sie die (numbers) Richtung (destinations)."

take_SIGNPOST' "Nehmen Sie die Ausfahrt Richtung (destinations)."

take_EXIT_KEEP_SIGNPOST' "Nehmen sie die (numbers), dann (direction) halten, Richtung (destinations)."

take_KEEP_SIGNPOST' "Nehmen sie die nächste Ausfahrt, dann (direction) halten, Richtung (destinations)."

enter_roundabout' "Fahren Sie in den Kreisverkehr."

enter_roundabout_EXIT' "Nehmen Sie im Kreisverkehr die (ordinalnumbers) Ausfahrt."

enter_roundabout_EXIT_DISTANCE' "In (distance) (unit) nehmen Sie im Kreisverkehr die (ordinalnumbers) Ausfahrt."

over_roundabout_EXIT' "Fahren Sie geradeaus durch den Kreisverkehr, (ordinalnumbers) Ausfahrt."

over_roundabout_EXIT_DISTANCE' "In (distance) (unit) fahren Sie geradeaus durch den Kreisverkehr, (ordinalnumbers) Ausfahrt."

over_roundabout_DIRECTION_EXIT' "Biegen Sie im Kreisverkehr (direction) ab, (ordinalnumbers) Ausfahrt." Biegen Sie im Kreisverkehr links ab, zweite Ausfahrt.

over_roundabout_DIRECTION_EXIT_DISTANCE' "In (distance) (unit) biegen Sie im Kreisverkehr (direction) ab, (ordinalnumbers) Ausfahrt."

follow_NAME "Folgen Sie der Strasse '(name)'."

follow_NAME_DISTANCE "Folgen Sie der Strasse '(name)' für (distance) (unit)."

follow_DISTANCE "Folgen Sie der Strasse für (distance) (unit)."


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direction/left "links"

direction/right "rechts"

direction/left/hard "scharf links"

direction/right/hard "scharf rechts"

direction/left/slight "halb links"

direction/right/slight "halb rechts"


numbers/first_exit "erste Ausfahrt"

numbers/second_exit "zweite Ausfahrt"

numbers/third_exit "dritte Ausfahrt"

numbers/fourth_exit "vierte Ausfahrt"

numbers/fifth_exit "fünfte Ausfahrt"


time/day/singular "Tag"

time/day/plural "Tage"

time/day/short "d"

time/hour/singular "Stunde"

time/hour/plural "Stunden"

time/hour/short "h"

time/minute/singular "Minute"

time/minute/plural "Minuten"

time/second/singular "Sekunde"

time/second/plural "Sekunden"

time/second/short "sec"


places/start "Start"

places/destination/singular "Ziel"

places/destination/plural "Ziele"

places/home "Heimatort"

places/poi "Ort von Interesse"

places/poi/short "OVI"

places/poi/trainstation "Bahnhof"

places/poi/toilet "Toilette"

places/poi/phone "Telefon"

places/poi/gas "Tankstelle"

places/labels/city "Stadt"

places/labels/street "Straße"

places/labels/housenumer/long "Hausnummer"

places/labels/housenumer/short "Nr"

places/labels/zipcode "PLZ"


units/kph "km/h"

units/ms "m/s"

units/km "km"

units/m "m"


metric/fastest "schnellste Strecke"

metric/shortest "kürzeste Strecke"

metric/fuelefficient "sparsamste Strecke"

common labels

labels/search "Suchen"

labels/vehicle "Fahrzeug"

labels/fullscreen "Vollbild"

labels/exit "Beenden"

labels/comport "Serielle Schnittstelle"

labels/baudrate "Baud Rate"

labels/time "Zeit"

labels/destination_time "Ankunftszeit"

labels/route_me "Route berechnen"

labels/help "Hilfe"

labels/settings "Einstellungen"

labels/preferences "Vorlieben"

labels/abort "Abbrechen"

labels/ok "OK"

labels/map "Karte"

labels/open_map "Karte laden"

labels/import_map "Karte importieren"

labels/download "Herunterladen"

labels/download_map "Karte herunterladen"

labels/map/autorotate "Karte automatisch drehen"

labels/map/autocenterGPS "automatisch GPS folgen"

labels/map/centerGPSonce "auf GPS zentrieren"

labels/map/showGPStrail "Weg einblenden"

Translation of routing applications

These pages are collecting translations for German.

Please contact the developers of the following applications if you have missing or improved translations for the linked documents that go beyond what we have here on these pages.

Routing applications: