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These are (swiss) french translations of the texts in Sample driving instructions. The french (FR) translation should not be very different, except for numbering


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destination_reached "Vous avez atteint votre destination."

turn_around "Si possible, faites demi-tour."

turn_DIRECTION' "Tournez (direction)!"

take_EXIT' "Prenez la (numbers)!"

enter_roundabout' "Entrez dans le giratoire!"

enter_roundabout_EXIT' "Entrez et quittez le giratoire à la (numbers) sortie!"

over_roundabout_EXIT' "Allez tout droit dans le giratoire, et sortez à la (numbers) sortie."

over_roundabout_DIRECTION_EXIT' "Tournez à (direction) dans le giratoire, et sortez à la (numbers) sortie."

follow_NAME "Suivez la route '(name)'!"

follow_NAME_DISTANCE "Suivez la route '(name)' sur (distance)!"


please keep the structure intact to allow automatic parsing of this wiki-page


direction/left "à gauche"

direction/right "à droite"

direction/left/hard "fortement à gauche"

direction/right/hard "fortement à droite"

direction/left/slight "légèrement à gauche"

direction/right/slight "légèrement à droite"


numbers/first_exit "première sortie"

numbers/second_exit "deuxième sortie"

numbers/third_exit "troisième sortie"

numbers/fourth_exit "quatrième sortie"

numbers/fifths_exit "cinquième sortie"


time/day/singular "jour"

time/day/plural "jours"

time/hour/singular "heure"

time/hour/plural "heures"

time/minute/singular "minute"

time/minute/plural "minutes"

time/second/singular "seconde"

time/second/plural "secondes"


places/start "Départ"

places/destination/singular "Destination"

places/destination/plural "Destinations"

places/home "Maison"

places/poi "POI"

places/poi/trainstation "gare"

places/poi/toilet "toilettes"

places/poi/phone "téléphone"

places/poi/gas "station d'essence"

places/labels/city "localité"

places/labels/street "rue"

places/labels/housenumber/long "numéro"

places/labels/housenumer/short "n°"

places/labels/zipcode "NPA"


units/kph "km/h"

units/ms "m/s"

units/km "kilomètres"

units/m "mètres"


metric/fastest "itinéraire le plus rapide"

metric/shortest "itinéraire le plus court"

metric/fuelefficient "itinéraire le plus économique"

common labels

labels/search "Recherche"

labels/vehicle "Véhicule"

labels/fullscreen "Plein écran"

labels/exit "Sortie"

labels/comport "comm port"

labels/baudrate "débit"

labels/time "Durée"

labels/destination_time "Temps de parcours"

labels/route_me "Calculer la route"

labels/help "aide"

labels/settings "paramètres"

labels/preferences "préférences"

labels/abort "annuler"

labels/ok "OK"

labels/map "carte"

labels/open_map "charger la carte"

labels/import_map "importer une carte"

labels/download "télécharger"

labels/download_map "télécharger la carte"

labels/map/autorotate "tourner la carte automatiquement"

labels/map/autocenterGPS "centrer la carte automatiquement"

labels/map/centerGPSonce "centrer sur la position GPS"

labels/map/showGPStrail "montrer la trace GPS"

Translation of routing applications

These pages are collecting translations for French.

Please contact the developers of the following applications if you have missing or improved translations for the linked documents that go beyond what we have here on these pages.

Routing applications: