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These are hungarian translations of the texts in Sample driving instructions.


This section contains the basic english phrases. The bold names are identifying the phrase, so that it's translations can be found.

please keep the structure intact to allow automatic parsing of this wiki-page

destination_reached "Elérte az úticélt." You have reached your destination.

destination_reached_DISTANCE "(distance) (unit) után eléri az úticélt." In 50 meters you have reached your destination.

turn_around "Forduljon meg, amint lehetséges!" Please turn around when possible!

turn_around_DISTANCE "(distance) (unit) után forduljon meg!" In 200 meters turn around!

turn_DIRECTION "Forduljon (direction)!" Please turn left!

turn_DIRECTION_SIGNPOST "Forduljon (direction) (destinations) felé!" Please turn left towards CityA, CityB, Motorway5!

turn_DIRECTION_NAME "Forduljon be (direction) ide: (streetname)!" Please turn left into 5th Avenue!

turn_DIRECTION_DISTANCE "(distance) (unit) után forduljon (direction)!" In 2Km turn left!

turn_DIRECTION_DISTANCE_NAME "(distance) (unit) után forduljon be (direction) ide: (streetname)!" In 2Km turn left into 5th Avenue!

turn_DIRECTION_DISTANCE_SIGNPOST "(distance) (unit) után forduljon (direction) (destinations) felé!" In 2Km turn left towards CityA, CityB, Motorway5!

take_EXIT "Hajtson ki (numbers)!" Please take the first exit!

take_SIGNPOST "Hajtson ki a kijáraton (destinations) felé!" Please take the exit towards CityA, CityB!

take_EXIT_SIGNPOST "Hajtson ki (numbers) (destinations) felé!" Please take the first exit towards CityA, CityB!

take_EXIT_KEEP_SIGNPOST "Hajtson ki (numbers), aztán tartson (direction) (destinations) felé!" Please take the first exit, then keep left towards CityA!

take_KEEP_SIGNPOST "Hajtson ki a kijáraton, aztán tartson (direction) (destinations) felé!" Please take the exit, then keep left towards CityA!

enter_roundabout "Hajtson be a körforgalomba!" Please enter the roundabout!

enter_roundabout_EXIT "Hajtson be a körforgalomba. Aztán hajtson ki (numbers)!" Please enter the roundabout. Then take the second exit!

enter_roundabout_EXIT_DISTANCE "(distance) (unit) után hajtson be a körforgalomba. Aztán hajtson ki (numbers)!" In 1.2 Km enter the roundabout. Then take the second exit!

over_roundabout_EXIT "Hajtson át a körforgalmon, (numbers)." Please cross the roundabout, third exit.

over_roundabout_EXIT_DISTANCE "(distance) (unit) után hajtson át a körforgalmon, (numbers)." In 1.2 Km cross the roundabout, third exit.

over_roundabout_DIRECTION_EXIT "Forduljon (direction) a körforgalomban, (numbers)." Please turn left in the roundabout, third exit.

over_roundabout_DIRECTION_EXIT_DISTANCE "(distance) (unit) után forduljon (direction) a körforgalomban, (numbers)." In 1.2 Km turn left in the roundabout, third exit.

follow_NAME "Kövesse ezt az utat: (name)!"

follow_NAME_DISTANCE "Kövesse (distance) (unit) távon ezt az utat: (name)!"



direction/left "balra"

direction/right "jobbra"

direction/left/hard "élesen balra"

direction/right/hard "élesen jobbra"

direction/left/slight "enyhén balra"

direction/right/slight "enyhén jobbra"


numbers/first_exit "az első kijáraton"

numbers/second_exit "a második kijáraton"

numbers/third_exit "a harmadik kijáraton"

numbers/fourth_exit "a negyedik kijáraton"

numbers/fifth_exit "az ötödik kijáraton"


time/day/singular "nap"

time/day/plural "nap"

time/day/short "n."

time/hour/singular "óra"

time/hour/plural "óra"

time/hour/short "ó."

time/minute/singular "perc"

time/minute/plural "perc"

time/minute/short "p."

time/second/singular "másodperc"

time/second/plural "másodperc"

time/second/short "mp."


units/kph "km/h"

units/mph "mph"

units/ms "m/s"

units/km "km"

units/m "méter"

units/miles "mérföld"


places/start "kezdőpont"

places/destination/singular "úticél"

places/destination/plural "úticélok"

places/home "otthon"

places/poi "POI"

places/poi/trainstation "vasútállomás"

places/poi/toilet "WC"

places/poi/phone "telefon"

places/poi/gas "benzinkút"

places/labels/city "város"

places/labels/street "utca"

places/labels/housenumer/long "házszám"

places/labels/housenumer/short "hsz."

places/labels/zipcode "irányítószám"


metric/fastest "leggyorsabb útvonal"

metric/shortest "legrövidebb út"

metric/fuelefficient "leghatékonyabb út"

common labels

labels/search "keresés"

labels/vehicle "jármű"

labels/fullscreen "Teljes képernyő"

labels/exit "kilépés"

labels/comport "comm port"

labels/baudrate "baud rate"

labels/time "idő"

labels/destination_time "menetidő"

labels/route_me "útvonal számítása"

labels/help "súgó"

labels/settings "beállítások"

labels/preferences "beállítások"

labels/abort "megszakítás"

labels/ok "OK"

labels/map "térkép"

labels/open_map "térkép betöltése"

labels/import_map "térkép importálása"

labels/download "letöltés"

labels/download_map "térkép letöltése"

labels/map/autorotate "térkép automatikus forgatása"

labels/map/autocenterGPS "GPS automatikus követése a térképen"

labels/map/centerGPSonce "GPS középre helyezése"

labels/map/showGPStrail "nyomvonal megjelenítése"

Translation of routing applications

These pages are collecting translations for Hungarian.

Please contact the developers of the following applications if you have missing or improved translations for the linked documents that go beyond what we have here on these pages.

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