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These are italian translations of the texts in Sample driving instructions.


destination_reached "Hai raggiunto la destinazione." You have reached your destination.

destination_reached_DISTANCE "Tra (distance) (unit) raggiungerai la destinazione." In 50 meters you will have reached your destination.

turn_around "Appena possibile, invertire il senso di marcia!" Please turn around when possible!

turn_around_DISTANCE "Tra (distance) (unit) invertire il senso di marcia!" "In (distance) (unit) turn around!"

turn_DIRECTION "Svoltare a (direction)!" Please turn left!

turn_DIRECTION_SIGNPOST "Svoltare a (direction) in direzione (destinations)!" Please turn left towards CityA, CityB, Motorway5!

turn_DIRECTION_NAME "Svoltare a (direction) in (streetname)!" Please turn left into 5th Avenue!

turn_DIRECTION_DISTANCE "Tra (distance) (unit) svoltare a (direction)!" In 2Km turn left!

turn_DIRECTION_DISTANCE_NAME "Tra (distance) (unit) svoltare a (direction) in (streetname)!" In 2Km turn left into 5th Avenue!

turn_DIRECTION_DISTANCE_SIGNPOST "Tra (distance) (unit) svoltare a (direction) in direzione (destinations)!" In 2Km turn left towards CityA, CityB, Motorway5!

take_EXIT "Prendere la (numbers)!" Please take the first exit!

take_SIGNPOST "Prendere l'uscita verso (destinations)!" Please take the exit towards CityA, CityB!

take_EXIT_SIGNPOST "Prendere la (numbers) in direzione (destinations)!" Please take the first exit towards CityA, CityB!

take_EXIT_KEEP_SIGNPOST "Prendere la (numbers), quindi tenersi sulla (direction) in direzione (destinations)!" Please take the first exit, then keep left towards CityA!

take_KEEP_SIGNPOST "Uscire, quindi tenersi sulla (direction) in direzione (destinations)!" Please take the exit, then keep left towards CityA!

enter_roundabout "Percorrere la rotonda!" Please enter the roundabout!

enter_roundabout_EXIT ""Percorrere la rotonda fino alla (numbers)!" Please enter the roundabout. Then take the second exit!

enter_roundabout_EXIT_DISTANCE "Tra (distance) (unit) percorrere la rotonda, quindi uscire alla (numbers)!" In 1.2 Km enter the roundabout. Then take the second exit!

over_roundabout_EXIT "Percorrere la rotonda, (numbers)." Please cross the roundabout, third exit.

over_roundabout_DIRECTION_EXIT "Svoltare a (direction) alla rotonda, (numbers)." Please turn left on the roundabout, third exit.

over_roundabout_DIRECTION_EXIT_DISTANCE "Tra (distance) (unit) svoltare a (direction) alla rotonda, (numbers)." In 1.2 Km turn left in the roundabout, third exit.

follow_NAME "Percorrere (name)!"

follow_NAME_DISTANCE "Percorrere (name) per (distance) (unit)!"



direction/left "sinistra"

direction/right "destra"

direction/left/hard "sinistra"

direction/right/hard "destra"

direction/left/slight "sinistra"

direction/right/slight "destra"


numbers/first_exit "prima uscita"

numbers/second_exit "seconda uscita"

numbers/third_exit "terza uscita"

numbers/fourth_exit "quarta uscita"

numbers/fifths_exit "quinta uscita"


time/day/singular "giorno"

time/day/plural "giorni"

time/hour/singular "ora"

time/hour/plural "ore"

time/minute/singular "minuto"

time/minute/plural "minuti"

time/second/singular "secondo"

time/second/plural "secondi"


units/kph "kmh"

units/ms "m/s"

units/km "chilometri"

units/m "metri"


places/start "partenza"

places/destination/singular "destinazione"

places/destination/plural "destinazioni"

places/home "casa"

places/poi "POI"

places/poi/trainstation "stazione ferroviaria"

places/poi/toilet "bagni"

places/poi/phone "telefono"

places/poi/gas "distributore"

places/labels/city "città"

places/labels/street "via"

places/labels/housenumer/long "civico"

places/labels/housenumer/short "n."

places/labels/zipcode "CAP"


metric/fastest "Percorso più veloce"

common labels

labels/search "Cerca"

labels/vehicle "Veicolo"

labels/fullscreen "Pieno schermo"

labels/exit "Esci"

labels/comport "porta seriale"

labels/baudrate "baud rate"

labels/time "ora"

labels/destination_time "ETA"

labels/route_me "calcola il percorso"

labels/help "aiuto"

labels/settings "settings"

labels/preferences "preferences"

labels/abort "abbandona"

labels/ok "OK"

labels/map "mappa"

labels/open_map "carica la mappa"

labels/import_map "importa una mappa"

labels/download "scarica"

labels/download_map "scarica una mappa"

labels/map/autorotate "ruota automaticamente la mappa"

labels/map/autocenterGPS "centra automaticamente la mappa"

labels/map/centerGPSonce "centra sulla posizione GPS"

labels/map/showGPStrail "mostra il percorso"

Translation of routing applications

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