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capitol city of New Mexico; not to be confused with Santa Fe, province of Santa Fe. Namesake of the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway along with Topeka (formerly Google), Kansas, and Atchison also in that state.

the city's Memorials - Monuments - Markers Inventory


The following is a working list of memorials, monuments and markers to historic events/people on City property. The list was compiled by various City departments, site visits and existing inventories. The criteria for inclusion were:

  • Memorials are structures or objects designed to preserve the memory of a person or event; monuments are statues or other structures erected to commemorate notable persons or events; markers are signs or objects that show the location, presence or existence of an historic site or person, excluding donor/supporter acknowledgements.
  • Historic is 50 or more years old (i.e. pre-1967).
  • Memorials, monuments and markers must be in/on land (parks, trails, etc.), buildings and/or real property (benches, signs, etc.), excluding streets, owned by the City of Santa Fe.
  • Special events list

The intent of this effort is to create a complete inventory of historic memorials, monuments and markets as an informational resource for civic leaders and the community.

Public comment on this list closed 12/31/17. Thank you for your interest.

Material Type Commemoration Type Year Title Location Description OSM link
Stone Monument Military Veterans second half of 20. century? John Griego Vietnam Veterans Park Plaque Griego Park way 686368793
Plaque Unknown second half of 20. century? Spiegelburg Memorial Railyard way 0
Stone Monument Military 1868 American Indian War Memorial (aka Obelisk) Plaza way 473220811
Stone Monument Unknown 1901 Annexation of New Mexico East Palace and Old Santa Fe Trail way 0
Stone Monument Military 1901 Kearney Monument Plaza Area way 0
Stone Monument Unknown 1910 End of the Santa Fe Trail Plaza, San Francisco & Old Santa Fe Trail way 0
Structure Unknown 1959 Locomotive No. 5030 Salvador Perez Park way 0
Plaque Unknown 1960 National Historic Landmark Designation Lincoln Ave & West Palace Ave way 0
Stone Monument Religious 1968 Ten Commandments Fire Station #3 way 0
Structure Unknown 1974 The Spitz Clock / "Golden Time" Lincoln Ave & West Palace Ave node 6543631092
Plaque Unknown 1975 USS Santa Fe CL-60 Plaza, San Francisco & Lincoln way 0
Structure Unknown 1976 Hitching Post at the End of the Trail Washington Ave and East Palace way 0
Sculpture Unknown 1977 Untitled--Tri-Culture Sculpture Entrance to Santa Fe Municipal Airport way 0
Plaque Unknown 1978 Oliver LaFarge Plaque LaFarge Library way 0
Stone Monument Unknown 1980 Don Juan Bautista de Anza De Vargas Park, South Guadalupe way 0
Sculpture Religious 1980 San Francisco de Assisi South lawn of City Hall way 0
Wall Display Unknown 1980 Untitled--Three panel quilt Santa Fe Convention Center, Ballroom prefunction way 0
Plaque Unknown 1985 Artist Walk of Fame Sidewalks in front of Museum of Fine Arts, Palace & Lincoln avenues way 0
Sculpture Historic/Religious 1985 Cross of the Martyrs and Commemorative Walkway Paseo de Peralta @ Otero/Hillside way 0
Structure Unknown 1988 Harvey Hiram Cornell Fountain Cornell Park way 0
Sculpture Unknown 1988 Homage to the Burro LoBurro [sic] Alley at San Francisco Street node 4575693006
Mural Unknown 1989 Acequia Madre Acequia Madre Elementary School way 0
Mural Unknown 1989 New Mexico Quilt Oliver LaFarge Library, entry way way 0
Mural Unknown 1989 Recuerdos del Pasado Located at the Mary Esther Gonzales Senior Center dining room way 0
Mural Unknown 1989 Recuerdos y Suenos de Santa Fe City Hall, Land Use entrance way 0
Sculpture Unknown 1992 The Founding of Santa Fe Peralta Park, Grant & Paseo de Peralta way 0
Structure Unknown 1993 El Torreon de El Torreon Located at Torreon Park way 0
Sculpture Unknown 1994 El Diferente Located at Macaione Park way 0
Mural Unknown 1995 Judicial History of Santa Fe Located at the Municipal Court Building way 0
Mural Unknown 1995 Untitled--Riverside Park Mural Riverside Park, Alto Street way 0
Mural Unknown 1996 Remedios Located at La Familia Medical Center way 0
Mural Unknown 1997 It's All Just a Book Away La Farge Library way 0
Sculpture Religious 1997 St. Francis Located at Adam Gabriel Armijo Park way 0
Mural Artist 1999 Genoveva Chavez Genoveva Chavez Center way 0
Stone Monument Military Prisoners 2002 Japanese Internment Camp Remembrance Site Frank Ortiz Park way 0
Sculpture Unknown 2002 Santa Fe Cathedral Park and Monument Cathedral Park way 0
Sculpture Unknown 2003 Journey's End Located on Museum Hill way 0
Structure Unknown 2003 Trail of Dreams, Trail of Ghosts (1) Located at DeVargas Park way 0
Structure Unknown 2003 Trail of Dreams, Trail of Ghosts (2) Located at Frenchy's Field way 0
Structure Unknown 2004 La Acequia Located at Las Acequias Park way 0
Structure Unknown 2005 Cuentos del Camino/Road Stories Located on Cerrillos Road, between Airport Road and Richards Avenue way 0
Sculpture Unknown 2005 Seven Archangels Located at Santa Fe River Park way 0
Plaque Military 2007 A Korean War Memorial Located at Amelia White Park way 0
Structure Unknown 2007 Camino Alire Bridge Located on Camino Alire just south of Alameda way 0
Sculpture Unknown 2007 Don Diego de Vargas Zapata Luján Ponce de León, El Marques de la Nava de Barcinas Cathedral Park way 0
Wall Display Unknown 2008 Sopero Set Tesuque Room at the Santa Fe Community Convention Center, 201 West Marcy Avenue way 0
Wall Display Unknown 2008 What Lies Beneath 1st Level Meeting Room Prefunction at the Santa Fe Community Convention Center, 201 West Marcy Avenue way 0
Sculpture Military Officer 2009 Don Diego de Vargas 1st Level Meeting Room Prefunction at the Santa Fe Community Convention Center, 201 West Marcy Avenue way 0
Sculpture Religious 2009 St. Francis Franklin Miles Park, west of ball fields way 0
Stone Monument Unknown 2009 Tony Hillerman Memorial South Side Library way 0
Plaque Unknown 2010 400th Anniversary Sidewalk Plaques Plaza Area way 0
Sculpture Religious 2010 Our Lady of Guadalupe Alto Park, behind the Mary Ester Gonzales Senior Center way 0
Structure Unknown 2010 Water History Park and Museum 1209 Canyon Road way 0
Sculpture Unknown 2011 400 Years Ragle Park way 0
Wall Display Unknown 2011 400th Anniversary Pottery Collection Santa Fe Convention Center way 0
Plaque Unknown 2012 400th Anniversary Time Capsule and Plaques Santa Fe Community Convention Center, Community Building Lobby way 0
Stone Monument Unknown 2012 Monument to the Stone Masons Water Street way 0
Structure Unknown 2014 Barrio la Canada Camino Alire at Barrio la Canada Entrance way 0
Structure Unknown 2016 Santa Fe Rail Caboose St Francis Drive, Cerrillos Road, Alaird Street way 0
Plaque Unknown second half of 20. century? A Two Way Street Amelia White Park way 0
Plaque Historic/Religious second half of 20. century? Site of Santa Fe's First Chapel Washington Ave and East Palace way 0

Art in Public Places

AIPP has some overlap with the list above

  • Untitled (Tri-Cultural Sculpture) by Charles Southard and Jerry R. West
  • Children's Fountain by Linda Strong
  • Reference Point by Amy Chaloupka
  • Arroyo Chamiso by Stuart Keeler and Michael Machnic
  • Untitled by Arthur Sze (poetry)
  • Water Works by Don Kennell
  • View from Below by Stuart Keeler and Michael Machnic
  • Voices from the South Side by Barbara Robidoux with students Karla Montes, Selene Montes, Melissa Gonzales, Laura Diaz, Maretza Varela and Ilse Varela
  • Untitled by Jimmy Romero
  • Woven Olla by Randy Walker
  • San Francisco de Assisi by Andrea Bacigalupa
  • Recuerdos y Suenos de SF by Jerry R. West
  • Flower Garden by Tommy Macaione
  • Church by Tommy Macaione
  • Artist Walk of Fame by Vladan Stiha
  • Journey's End by Reynaldo Rivera with Richard Borkovetz
  • Cedar in the Rocks by Leslie McNamara
  • Energy Field & Water by Nancy Reyner
  • Santa Fe de la Vega, Spain and Santa Fe, New Mexico by Frederico M. Vigil
  • The Tourist by Gail Gash Taylor
  • Transition by Sandra Duran Wilson
  • Airstream by Kristin Lora
  • Gibraltar Rock by Flo Perkins
  • A Mano by Jane Chavez
  • Thunder Whorl by Ed Archie NoiseCat
  • Sopero Set by Camilla Trujillo
  • Seripente de Cascable by Jane Chavez
  • End Table, Sofa Table, and Bench by David Burling
  • Drum Table and Dreamcatcher Table by Dennis Esquivel
  • Sofa, Side Chairs and Board Room Table by Jason Mossman and Richard Gonzales
  • Coffee Table by Robin Speas
  • What Lies Beneath by Joan Zalenski
  • Santa Fe Current by Colette Hosmer
  • Don Diego de Vargas (Donated by Caballeros de Vargas)
  • Family by Roxanne Swentzell
  • Our Lady of Guadalupe by Gabriel Vigil
  • 400 Years by Madeline Weiner
  • Leroy Petry by George Rivera
  • Barrio la Canada by Paula Castillo
  • St. Francis by Ivan Dimitrov
  • Life Moves by Walter Kravitz
  • A Korean War Memorial by Kim Crowley
  • Seven Archangels by Jose A. Lucero
  • Untitled by Don Kennell
  • Trail of Dreams, Trail of Ghosts (2) by Catherine Widgery
  • El Torreon de El Torreon by Pedro Romero
  • El Diferente by Mac Vaugn
  • The Founding of Santa Fe by Dave McGarity
  • St. Francis by Ben and Pete Ortega
  • La Acequia by Hank Saxe and Cynthia Patterson
  • Homage to the Burro by Charles Southard
  • Mesa by Rudolf Hunziker
  • Mother and Child by Tim Klabunde
  • Fountainhead Rock by Tomas Lipps and George Gonzales
  • Recuerdos del Pasado by Jerry R. West
  • New Mexico Quilt by Janet Maher with Marie Stewart
  • Suenos de Juventud by Sam Leyba
  • Santa Fe - Home Sweet Home by Antonio Mendoza
  • Taos Grand Gorge by Antonio Mendoza
  • Judicial History of Santa Fe by Zara Kriegstein
  • Remedios by Glen Strock
  • Hands/Santa Fe Trails by Bobbe Besold
  • Railyard Bus Shelter by Helmut Hillenkamp and Christy Hengst
  • Untitled by Joe Tyler
  • Waveform Railing by Aaron Craig
  • Untitled by Frederico M. Vigil
  • Camino Alire Bridge by Susan Wink
  • Untitled by Juan and Patricia Navarrete
  • Untitled by Juan and Patricia Navarrete
  • Cuentos del Camino/Road Stories by Mary Antonia Wood and Christopher Gibson
  • Acequia Madre (Mother Ditch) by Frederico

GNIS imports

As Sinclarius noted: osm:note/901862, some of the imported points were geocoded generically to Santa Fe and were therefore misplaced; most have now been correctly located. ❌ is lacking an address in GNIS, ✅ is relocated.


✅Archbishop Lamys Chapel Historic Site

✅Ba'hai Faith Church

✅Baptist Indian Center

✅Berean Baptist Church

✅Bible Life Church

✅Calvary Baptist Church

✅Calvary Chapel

✅Capital Christian Church

✅Capital City Church of Christ

✅Christ Evangelical Church

✅Christ Lutheran Church

✅Christian Covenant Church

✅Christian Science Reading Room

✅Church of Christ

✅Church of Religous Science

✅Cristo Rey Catholic Church

✅Dial Meditation and Prayer Church

✅English Speaking SDA Church

✅First Church of the Nazarene

✅Grace Community Church

✅I Am Sanctuary Church

✅Living Word Church

✅Lutheran Church of the Servant

✅Marcy Park Seventh Day Adventist Church

✅Office of Governmental Ministry LCA

✅Our Lady of Guadalupe Church

✅Our Lady of Light Chapel Historic Site

✅Reredos of Our Lady of Light

✅Rodeo Road Baptist Church

✅Rosario Chapel and Cemetery

✅Saint Anne Catholic Church

✅Saint Bedes Episcopal Church

✅Saint Elias the Prophet Orthodox Church

✅Saint John the Baptist Catholic Church

✅Saint Johns United Methodist Church

✅San Miguel Mission

✅Santa Maria De La Paz Catholic Community

✅Spanish Baptist Church

✅Temple Baptist

✅The Celebration Church

✅The Church of Antioch

✅The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

✅The Living Word Church

✅The Salvation Army Church

✅Tres Campos Presbyterian Church USA

✅Westminster Presbyterian Church

✅Zia United Methodist Church

Historic sites

✅A M Bergere House Historic Site

✅Atchison Topeka and Santa Fe Railway Depot Locomotive 5030 Historic Site

✅Atchison Topeka and Santa Fe Railway Depot Santa Fe Historic Site

✅Benjamin M Read House Historic Site

✅Borrego House Historic Site

✅Boyle House Historic Site

✅Carlos Vierra House Historic Site

✅Catancach House Historic Site

✅Chapel of San Miguel Historic Site

✅Dendahl House Historic Site

✅Digneo-Valdez House Historic Site

✅Donaciano Vigil House Historic Site

✅Dorman House Historic Site

✅Dorothy S McKibben House Historic Site

❌Dudrow House Historic Site

✅El Patio Building Historic Site

✅El Zaguan Historic Site

✅Felipe Delgado House Historic Site

✅Fort Marcy Officers Residence Historic Site

✅Francisca Hinojos House Historic Site

✅George Cuyler Preston House Historic Site

✅Gregorio Crespin House Historic Site

✅Hayt-Wientage Mansion Historic Site

✅Hesch House Historic Site

✅Hilario Gallegos House Historic Site

✅José Alaríd House

✅Jose D Sena House Historic Site

❌Juan Holmes House Historic Site

✅Juan Jose Prada House

✅Marcos and Nicolasa Guterierrez House Historic Site

✅Mr and Mrs William Field Residence Historic Site

✅Nicholas Ortiz House and Antonio Jose Houses

❌Old Federal Building Historic Site

✅Ortiz y Ortiz Residence Historic Site

✅Ortiz Y Pino House

✅Padre Gallegos House Historic Site

✅Peter Van Dresser House Historic Site

✅Pinckney R Tully House

✅Professor J A Wood House

✅Randall Davey House Historic Site

✅Ricardo Alarid House Historic Site

✅Rio Grande Depot Historic Site

✅Roque Lobato House

✅Sandoval House

✅Santa Fe Builders Supply Company Building Historic Site

✅Santa Fe County Courthouse Historic Site

❌Spanish Log Cabin Historic Site

✅Supreme Body Shop Historic Site

✅Trinidad Chaves House Historic Site

❌United States Courthouse Historic Site


❌Archdiocese Library

✅Bookstop Branch Library

✅College of Santa Fe Fogelson Library

✅Energy, Minerals and Natural Resource Library

✅Environmental Improvement Divison Library

✅IAIA Learning Resource Center Library

✅Laboratory of Anthropology Library

✅Museum of Fine Arts Library

✅Museum of International Folk Art Library

❌New Mexico Corrections Department Library

✅New Mexico Department of Education Library

❌New Mexico Legislative Council Service Library

✅New Mexico School for the Deaf Library

✅New Mexico State Engineer Library

✅New Mexico State Highway and Transportation Department Library

✅Oliver LaFarge Branch Library

✅Saint Johns College Library

✅Santa Fe Community College Learning Resource Center Library

✅School of American Research Library

✅Southwestern College Library

✅State Records and Archives Library

✅Supreme Court Law Library

✅US Department of Interior Bureau of Land Management Library


✅Cienega Village Museum Center

✅Connor Hall

✅Harriet Naylor Memorial Collection on Volunteerism

✅Marcy Park SDA School

✅Museum of New Mexico

✅Olive Rush Studio

✅Remuda Christian School

✅Second Ward School

✅Stone Warehouse