Seattle, Washington

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Seattle, Washington

latitude: 47.65, longitude: -122.3
Browse map of Seattle 47°39′00.00″ N, 122°18′00.00″ W
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Seattle is a City in Washington at latitude 47°39′00.00″ North, longitude 122°18′00.00″ West.


Local user group
Seattle OpenStreetMap 
When: ~twice monthly Every 1st Tuesday Eastside, Every 3rd Thursday Seattle
Where: Various locations in Seattle and Eastside, check our MeetUp Website (map)
Mailing list
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Upcoming Events

Seattle area events are posted and organized on Meetup.

Past Events

In 2013, OSM-Seattle conducted an import of some data from See more information at Seattle Import.

Other past events can be found on Meetup.


We've had some great contributions to the Seattle map especially from users Sunny ewedistrict Rob Lanphier flek chricycle cohort

Hurricane Coast Steve Coast Keep up the good work, and let's get more people involved!

Bike Route Relations

Stay Healthy Streets

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, The City of Seattle has introduced the new Stay Healthy Streets initiative, where stretches of road are closed to thru-traffic and pedestrian activities and biking are encouraged. Recently, it was announced that these streets will now be closed permanently. Tag these with highway=living_street, motor_vehicle=destination

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