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Public-images-osm logo.svg motor_vehicle = destination
indicates that transit traffic using motor vehicle is not allowed Show/edit corresponding data item.
Group: restrictions
Used on these elements
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Status: de facto

Indicates that transit traffic using motor vehicles is not allowed, but anyone may still use it to reach a destination that can not be reached otherwise. Overrides access=* and vehicle=* and in turn can be overridden by more specific access tags

Sign text

Country Sign text
Austria "ausgenommen Anrainerverkehr"

(Dutch): "uitgezonderd plaatselijk verkeer"/"uitgezonderd plaatselijke bediening"
(French): "excepté circulation locale"

Brazil "Somente trânsito local"
Denmark "Gælder kun gennemkørsel"
France "Interdit sauf riverains" / "Transit interdit" / "Interdit sauf desserte locale"
Finland "Ei läpiajoa" / "Koskee läpiajoa" / "Läpiajo kielletty" / "Tontille ajo sallittu"
Germany "Anlieger frei"
Netherlands "bestemmingsverkeer"
Norway "Gjennomkjøring forbudt"/"ingen gjennomkjøring"/"kun kjøring til eiendommene"
Sweden "Gäller genomfart" / "Ej genomfart"
United Kingdom "except for access"
United States "no thru traffic" / "local traffic only"[1]

See also

  • access=* for general information about access restrictions
  • motor_vehicle=private for cases where only narrow group can drive vehicles ("residents only", "with permission of owner only", etc.)
  • motor_vehicle=permit where anyone may drive there but needs permit that is in general given to anyone requesting it.
  • motor_vehicle=customers where any customer may drive.
  • vehicle=destination where non-motorized vehicles such as bicycles are also restricted.


  1. Many local jurisdictions consider these signs to be synonymous with "No Motor Vehicles" with "Except Local Deliveries", which is more specifically tagged motor_vehicle=delivery. [1]