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South Island, New Zealand

latitude: -43.700, longitude: 170.552
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South Island is an island in New Zealand at latitude 43°42′00.00″ South, longitude 170°33′07.20″ East.

Welcome to the wiki project New Zealand South Island page - this page is dedicated to helping OSM mappers working on adding content in New Zealand's South Island and Stewart Island.

Please be aware there is currently (2011-02) a data import in progress from Land Information New Zealand and the NZ Open GPS project, of all New Zealand roads and other items. See the LINZ project and LINZ_Trial_Import for details on getting involved, or join the nzopengis group (see NZ page).
This should not stop mappers adding any data - we will merge LINZ data around manually mapped items.


  • [1] - North Canterbury: Lots of roads mapped from Yahoo sat images, most still need naming and tagging.


Christchurch Traveller Information Project

Work was done in August 2013 to make the road network more routable.

2011 Christchurch earthquake

(map resources and any special disaster response mapping coordination on that page)

Old mapping coordination info

majority of chch streets are now labelled - a few residential streets in the Northern suburbs remain untagged.

Me (Scott Mansell, aka phire) and Scott Parlane are working on naming streets in the Northern suburbs. Just did most Fendalton, Bryndwr and Burnside last night, will do some more next week. Any help will be Appreciated. --Phire 16:54, 6 June 2009 (UTC)

Not sure how localised or repeatable this is - in my area (South Chch) the Yahoo imagery seems systematically offset from GPS tracks. Need to move the image about 15m North, and slightly West (hard to measure accurately with potlatch). Agree or disagree? --EliotB 07:19, 9 February 2009 (UTC)

I agree with ElliotB as I have found the same issue with the Yahoo imagery and GoogleEarth. I have checked several known points eg. a specific orienteering markers at Victoria Park over mutliple days and with several devices and found this error constantly (but the OSM data is spot on - apart from normal GPS +- errors). I will continue to add features on the port hills and street names in SW CHCH as I get them --gerkin Aug 2009

Central Canterbury

  • [2] - Most rural roads completed in the Selwyn District using imagery and confirmed with drive over tracks but still some minor roads to be completed --gerkin Sept 2009

Lincoln, Springston, Leeston, Southbridge: some streets done but still needs work. Lincoln Uni barely started. Leeston roads nearly complete? Banks Peninsula: State Highway 75 completed --gerkin Sept 2009

Banks Peninsula: Some rural roads & some Akaroa residential streets done --gerkin Sept 2009

Rolleston: nearly all streets completed. Parks and reserves marked but their boundaries and paths are still to be confirmed. Rolleston Domain and shopping area still needs checking and remaining buildings added --gerkin Sept 2009

West Melton, Kirwee, Darfield, Hororata, Coalgate, Springfield, Arthurs Pass: nearly all residential streets completed. Burnham: have done the streets in the housing area outside the Military Camp. Dunsandel, Rakaia residential streets and domain completed. Sheffield, Oxford: barely started --gerkin Sept 2009

North Canterbury

Rangiora, Amberley, Waipara, Cheviot, Culverden, Hanmer, Rotherham, Waiau: most residential streets completed, Hanmer forrest tracks well underway --gerkin Sept 2009

South Canterbury

Ashburton, Tinwald: residential roads nearly completed --gerkin May 2010. Limited coverage of Ashburton rural roads. Geraldine, Temuka: nothing here yet, but have added a few small towns from Winchester north. --gerkin Sept 2009.

Timaru town roads are complete, now working on adding POI, parks and additional details. Also working on rural roads around the South Canterbury area. - hads

Ashburton & Tinwald town roads nearly complete but still alot to do in the rural area, this may be addressed with the proposed bulk import --gerkin April 2010


Some major roads.


Some major roads and population centres. Very little detail.



I've made a start on this from some traces when I was there in May. Unfortunately the family gets sick of me driving all of the streets, and my GPS logging was broken on the second day. Karora 08:38, 5 June 2008 (UTC)


Some work around the city centre

I've done a little cleanup work. It's a shame that Dunedin doesn't seem to rate aerial imagery from Yahoo so the whole thing needs to be done from GPS traces. It would be great if a local could climb in there and rationalise the primary / secondary roads which seem to be far too excessive. Even better if they can borrow a GPS and upload a bunch more high-resolution traces... Karora 08:37, 5 June 2008 (UTC)

Started adding information for Dunedin based on the bing imagery and local knowledge. Will get out soon and get some GPS traces of some missing roads and walkways. Starting in the north of the city as this is where I live but will work my way down, --JAYSONHOOGY 06:20, 10 April 2012 (BST)


Am in Alexandra for the weekend. Will map all of the Urban Areas and upload them in the next bit.--Scoro 07:37, 10 October 2009 (UTC)



A basic start from when I visited in April. Karora 08:39, 5 June 2008 (UTC)


A basic start from when I visited in April. This concludes State Highway 1! Karora 01:07, 9 June 2008 (UTC)

Stewart Island



Some major roads.

West Coast

All main roads
Some parts of Westport, Greymouth and Haast
Location of some towns and villages
Some walking tracks and paths