Southend-on-Sea(Unitary Authority)

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Southend-on-Sea(Unitary Authority), Essex

latitude: 51.534, longitude: 0.712
Browse map of Southend-on-Sea(Unitary Authority) 51°32′02.40″ N, 0°42′43.20″ E
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Southend-on-Sea(Unitary Authority) is a district in Essex at latitude 51°32′02.40″ North, longitude 0°42′43.20″ East.

Southend-on-Sea is a unitary authority area in the East of England, named after the coastal resort of the same name. Southend-on-Sea, which has Borough status, is part of the ceremonial county of Essex and is located on the north side of the Thames estuary roughly 40 miles (65 km) east of central London. It is bordered to the north by Rochford and to the west by Castle Point.

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Bus Routes

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Bus routes in Southend-on-Sea

Mapping Southend's bus network.

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A list of Bus routes in Southend-on-Sea(Unitary_Authority). Routes already entered can be seen on Öpnvkarte[1]

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No. Name Route Status Network Notes
1 Rayleigh–North Shoebury relation 392765 Routing (3/4) Arriva Southend
2 Bournes Green–Basildon relation 398233 Routing (3/4) Arriva Southend Service extended from Southend to Bournes Green on Sundays only
3 Writtle–Southend relation 397256 Routing (3/4) Regal Busways Mondays–Fridays only, infrequent
3 Southend–Canvey Routing (0/4) First Essex Sunday evenings only
4 Southend–Landwick relation 397311 Routing (3/4) Arriva Southend
4A Southend–Landwick OR Shoebury East Beach relation 397321 Routing (3/4) Arriva Southend
5 Southend–Thurrock Lakeside relation 398190 Routing (3/4) First Essex
6 Southend–Temple Sutton relation 399070 Routing (3/4) Stephensons Sundays only
6A Leigh Station–Belfairs relation 397334 Routing (3/4) Arriva Southend Mondays–Fridays peak hours, and Tuesday daytimes only
7 Rayleigh–North Shoebury relation 393677 Routing (3/4) Arriva Southend
8 Rayleigh–North Shoebury relation 393364 Routing (3/4) Arriva Southend
9 Rayleigh–Shoebury East Beach relation 397324 Routing (3/4) Arriva Southend
11A Writtle–Temple Sutton relation 398884 Routing (3/4) Regal Busways Sundays only
13 Southend–Temple Sutton relation 397220 Routing (3/4) Arriva Southend
14 Southend–Churchend OR Shoebury East Beach relation 397307 Routing (3/4) Stephensons Only passengers with a MoD/Qinetiq permit may travel between Landwick and Churchend
15 Southend–Westcliff Tesco relation 397333 Routing (3/4) First Essex Mondays–Fridays peak hours. Limited service continues to Basildon.
17 Southend–Westcliff Tesco Routing (0/4) Arriva Southend Thursdays only
18 Leigh Station–Westcliff Tesco Routing (0/4) Arriva Southend Fridays only
20 Southend–Hullbridge relation 397327 Routing (3/4) First Essex
21 Southend–Canvey Eastern Esplanade relation 393293 Routing (3/4) First Essex
21A Southend–Hadleigh relation 397197 Routing (3/4) First Essex
21B Southend–Canvey Thorney Bay relation 397213 Routing (3/4) First Essex
24 Rayleigh–Temple Sutton relation 392795 Routing (3/4) First Essex
25 Southend–Basildon relation 398267 Routing (3/4) First Essex
26 Southend–Canvey Newlands relation 395499 Routing (3/4) First Essex
26B Southend–Canvey Newlands relation 398705 Routing (3/4) First Essex
27 Temple Sutton–Canvey Leigh Beck relation 395553 Routing (3/4) First Essex
29 Southend–Belfairs relation 397332 Routing (3/4) Arriva Southend
33 Fossetts Park–Shoebury Routing (0/4) Arriva Southend Mondays only
60 Southend–Canewdon relation 398109 Routing (3/4) Stephensons
61 Southend–Fossetts Park relation 397223 Routing (3/4) Stephensons
251 Southend–Warley relation 399074 Routing (3/4) NIBS Sundays only
X30 Southend–Stansted Airport relation 396216 Routing (3/4) First Essex