St. John's Newfoundland

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St. John's,
latitude: 47.567, longitude: -52.705
Browse map of St. John's 47°34′01.20″ N, 52°42′18.00″ W
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St. John's
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St. John's is a City in [[|]] at latitude 47°34′01.20″ North, longitude 52°42′18.00″ West.

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St. John'S as found 26 Dec 2006

A funny rendering choice was made in the Yahoo maps of St. John's. the name of the city is rendered as St.John'S with an upper case terminal "S". This may be a deliberate "mis-spelling" placed as an inside joke. People often confuse St. John's Newfoundland and St. John, New Brunswick. Folks from St. John's will sometimes emphasize the "Ess" in St. John's.

Of course it could also be an Easter egg, or a simple typographical error.

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