Starting with a Blank Map in Australia

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Part of the Tips especially for Aussies this page gives some tips on starting with a Blank Map in Australia

  • For rural areas which have big areas of blank map priorities are to see the major roads to each town, so that it can be used for finding a way there, and the names of the towns.
    • City - Capital cities and large regional centres. Wikipedia has a full list.
    • Town - Place with plenty of shops and providing services to the district.
    • Village - Place with a few shops, but limited services, maybe a pub and a general store.
    • Hamlet - Very limited to no services. For example, no pub and no store.
    • Locality - place of interest but no-one lives there eg lookout or old rural name
  • Mark a separate node at the Post Office place=town to put the town on the map. If there isn't a post office use the pub or a community building to place the extra node.
  • A rough guideline, from a GPS logging perspective, of order of importance
    • major roads
    • then town streets
    • minor out lying roads, rivers/streams, railways
    • street names
    • points of interest
    • place naming (eg type of shop)
    • street numbering
  • Also when making roads this is a useful quick and dirty way of doing things.
    • The end points of a road are the most important, since you want to get from point a to b :)
    • The next important piece of information is intersections.
    • Finally once you have all that you can refine the information, things like wiggly bits and curving roads between intersections.