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Public-images-osm logo.svg amenity = fuel
Gas Station Hiroshima.jpg
A retail facility for refueling cars Edit or translate this description.
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The fuel tag is used to map a fuel station, also known as a filling station, petrol station, gas station and petrol garage. It is the retail-type facility where motor vehicles can be refueled. Fuel stations for watercraft, aircraft and rail vehicles are using different tags (see below).

How to Map

Add a node at the centre of the fuel station or create a way around the fueling area and add amenity=fuel to it.


Often the station is operated operator=* by one of the major brands brand=* and has a tenant tenant=*. If the station has a name of its own, that can be tagged too using name=*. Related tags such as Addresses, phone=* and website=* can also be added.

Fuel types

Different fuel types are tagged as mentioned at fuel=*

Payment and Discounts

Use payment=* to tag payment options. Tag discounts as fuel:discount=<discount programme> in combination with amenity=fuel if the fuel station accepts discount vouchers, eg shopper dockets or other loyality programmes.


Add the opening hours using the key opening_hours=*. There are not agreed upon tags for different levels of service, but both self_service=yes/no and full_service=yes/no and automated=yes/no have been used. Note that a gas station can be both self serve and full serve. The expectation for the default values of self_serivce and full_service will probably vary greatly from location to location, so it’s probably best to always explicitly specify both to take the guessing out of it. When conditions vary along the day you could apply the conditional restrictions scheme. Here are some examples of use:


Indicate the size of the station using the key capacity=*, this should be the total number of pumps available, that is the number of vehicles which could be refuelling at any one time. Optionally include more detail with capacity for specific vehicle types such as capacity:hgv=*.


  • The roof of petrol stations can be tagged with building=roof and layer=1.
  • It is also a good idea to tag the ways leading to, through and away from the fuel station with highway=service, access=customers and if applicable oneway=yes. Use the maxheight=* tag indicate the maximum height for a vehicle that can access the fuel pumps under the roof. Alternatively the area around the fuel pumps may be tagged as area:highway=service and surface=*.

Additional services

Note the rule One feature, one OSM element!

Or add a node with shop=convenience or shop=kiosk or tag the building related to the fuel station if there is a convenience shop or kiosk as part of the fueling area.
Or add an additional node amenity=car_wash if there is a car wash on site.
Or map toilets as an additional node with amenity=toilets.


Picture/Description Tags Openstreetmap Carto
Preem Karlskrona.jpg amenity=fuel

operator=BigOil Inc.
tenant=John Doe
opening_hours=Mo-Fr 05:30-23:00; Sa 07:00-21:00; Su off

also an area with
building=yes or building=roof
and a way as
with covered=yes for way portions under the roof

Fuel station for watercraft, aircraft and rail vehicle

Fuel stations for other vehicle classes are should be tagged as

Routing software that supports amenity=fuel as a POI

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