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In Ireland

  • Organisers meet-up & pre-conference meal at 7pm on Friday. CJB to confirm a venue


  • Nickb - Speaker registration
  • Etienne - Finance
  • Christian - Website
  • User:Steve - Sponsors
  • Historybuff - assisted in preplanning of recordings for Wikimania 2007, and very interested in Video and Audio capture. Can help set up a conference call to allow participants to communicate for planning as well.
  • User:RobertFitzsimons - Based in Dublin, Ireland, I'm not sure how much spare time I'll have before SOTM2008, but I'll keep in the loop and help where I can.
  • User:bigbro - Based in Dublin, currently looking at arranging the venue near Shannon Airport / Limerick.
  • Ken Guest - Based in Dublin, and near Limerick most weekends, I can't promise much but I'll try to help out when and as I can.

Stuff that needs doing

In rough chronological order: FIXME - hopefully some of these can be crossed off now!

  • Timeline and key dates
  • Sponsorship
  • Program production
  • Delegate Registration
  • Accounting / receiving money
  • Catering
  • Tshirts + merchandising
  • Recording and archiving talks
  • Videoing talks

Previous Meetings

Meeting at 3pm 25th April - Agenda and attendees

IRC: #sotm08 on oftc.

Delegate Bags

Option One - Medium Bag

Interested organisations to contact promoting conference attendance

Link to poster:



University departments

Registration Software

Register Spearkers

  • Name and details
  • Events:
    • Talk - abstract, track (need to define what tracks we have - suggest - Talks (30 mins / 15 mins)
    • Lightening Talks (5 minutes)
    • Demonstration / Workshops (1 hr)

Register Delegates

  • Name and details
  • Foundation Member?
  • Tshirt size
  • Press?


Proposed Venues for 2008 has been moved to here

The State of the Map conference 2008