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SotM 2022 Lightning Talks

Do you want to hold a lightning talk during SotM 2022? Lightning talks should be maximum 5 minutes long talks and be about a topic related to OpenStreetMap. Since SotM 2022 will be our first attempt at doing a hybrid conference, there's two options for holding a lightning talk:

  • In person lightning talk in Firenze
    • We plan to have at least 4 lightning talk sessions, so a minimum of 16 lightning talks.
    • Registration will be on site at the SotM venue. Look out for a paper board.
  • Pre-recorded lightning talk
    • We currently plan to play these in a loop in a separate room, potentially mixed with various other videos, so there should be plenty of space for pre-recorded lightning talks.
    • Deadline for registration and video upload: 12 August 2022 23:59:59 UTC

As it currently stands, it will not be possible to use a personal device to present the slides, do demos, etc. If you need any slides during the in-person lightning talk, please upload them and any other resources to the respective upload folder on the OSMF Nextcloud instance. This is not required for pre-recorded lightning talks, but appreciated nonetheless. We also plan to publish these resources on our website.

We expect that you will be available during the conference to chat with SotM participants about your subject, also when doing a pre-recorded lightning talk, either physically or virtually in the conference platform. If you like to have extended discussions with attendees about your subject, you're welcome to schedule a self-organized session - if you do so, please consider indicating this in your talk description and maybe also announce it during your in person lightning talk or in the chat inside the conference platform while your prerecorded lighting talk is broadcasted.


By registering a lightning talk and/or uploading any resources, you agree that the recording, slides and other resources of your presentation are published under the terms of Creative Commons Attribution International 3.0 or newer license.

Registration for Pre-Recorded Lighting Talks

Please add a line to the table below and prepare a 5-minute video with your talk. We recommend to read the how-to that we prepared for regular SotM talks. Once you recorded this video, you can upload it to our upload folder on the OSMF Nextcloud instance. Please name the file after the speaker name and talk title you added in the below table (format: <your name>_<title of your lightning talk>), this makes it easier for us to match them.

If we have questions concerning your lightning talk, we will use your OSM username to contact you, so please add it to the table.

Speaker name(s) OSM username(s) Title Short description of the content Notes
Sample Speaker SampleSpeaker My Sample Prerecorded Talk This is just a sample for a lightning talk registration.
Martijn van Exel The Meet Your Mappers Tool Meet Your Mappers is an open source web-based tool that lets you discover who the local mappers are in your city or town. Meet Your Mappers will give you a list of local mappers that is organized based on their mapping activity: new mappers, heavy mappers, non-active mappers, et cetera. In this presentation, Martijn will explain how to use the tool, and how to create a complete flow to identify and contact local mappers using it.
Samson Ngumenawe ngumenawesamson Our Top 10 Data Quality Aspects HOT works with a number of organizations and communities that generate data through different contribution mechanisms, including desktop digitization, data collection surveys and local knowledge experiences. Each of these mechanisms lead to different aspects and issues that affect the quality of data contributed to OSM. We are prioritizing on minimizing the impacts of the top 10 aspects on the list through a number of ways, including mapper outreach programs, training, and developing technical tools. Even as OSM is rapidly growing in content and contributors, its credibility has been one of the main concerns for authoritative users. The belief that it is made by volunteers can limit the trust in the value of this free data source within traditional GIS communities.
Antidius Kawamala KAWAMALA Community Mapping Initiatives in Tanga Promoting a data-driven decision making culture in Tanga under living lab initiative, we are complementing the global objective of OSM i.e. to create a free editable geographic database of the world by various mapping activities around the region. The initiative uses local member by building capacity on how to use OSM and contributing to it as well as University Students. These mappings have been putting the missing pieces of the community on the map and addressing challenges they face so far. The usage of GIS data as a tool for community as a decision-making data tool can help in timely action and on-time problem-solving.
Christopher Brown ChrisInCambo Mapping all the worlds open data. A showcase of how at mapstack we are building on top of OSM to create an ecosystem that will host all of the worlds open data as free to use web maps.
Geoffrey Kateregga Kateregga1 State of the Map Africa 2023 The State of the Map Africa (SotM Africa) is a bi-annual regional conference that celebrates the culture of open mapping, open data, GIS and its impact across Africa. The first SotM Africa conference took place in Uganda in 2019, then took place in Ivory Coast in 2019, took place online in 2021. In 2023, the conference will take place in-person in Yaounde, Cameroon. This talk give updates on the preparations for the conference and how you can participate.
Geoffrey Kateregga Kateregga1 Open Mapping Hub, Eastern & Southern Africa as a catalyst for growing and sustaining the movement The Open Mapping Hub for Eastern and Southern Africa was set up by the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team to support the growth of open mapping communities in the region. This talk will give an update on the activities of the hub in growing and sustaining the open mapping movement in the region.
Clay Smalley System-users-3.svgclay_c (on osm, edits, contrib, heatmap, chngset com.) Route shields of the world in OpenStreetMap-Americana OpenStreetMap-Americana is an alpha-stage OpenStreetMap renderer intended to resemble a North American road atlas. Despite the focus on the United States, OSM-Americana has had contributions from people all over the world interested in adding support for highway route shields of their home countries. See a showcase of these contributions, and find out how you can put your country on the map.
Enock Seth Nyamador User icon 2.svgEnock4seth (on osm, edits, contrib, heatmap, chngset com.) Bad or Good OpenStreetMap, What and how do you map? OpenStreetMap editing is all welcoming, diverse and very forgiving but this leading to issues. Many of these issues which should not be occurring in the first place but happens. This is a quick talk giving you the tip of what I have come across in my short term as an OSM Contributor and why we should follow best practices.
OSGeoLive: Your Open Source Geospatial toolbox OSGeoLive - is a self-contained bootable DVD, USB thumb drive or Virtual Machine based on Lubuntu, that allows you to try a wide variety of open source geospatial software without installing anything. It is composed entirely of free software, allowing it to be freely distributed, duplicated and passed around. It provides pre-configured applications for a range of geospatial use cases, including storage, publishing, viewing, analysis and manipulation of data. It also contains sample datasets and documentation. OSGeoLive is an OSGeo project used in several workshops and cases at FOSS4Gs and around the world.

Questions and Contact

Please write to if you have any further questions.