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Information on statute law as it specifically relates to geodata. See WIPO for the largest collection of statute law. (See also: Case law.)

European Union

  • This paper is a very comprehensive discussion of how copyright and database right apply to geodata. (It concludes that copyright is not applicable, but database right is.)
  • A paper presented at a 2006 ESDI workshop covered some issues of geodata IP. Abstract (p108), presentation.


  • See this paper for some pointers: "Due to their factual and standardized character geographic information often does not meet the requirements of originality, required by copyright. However, common law shows that geo-information with a personal view can be protected by copyright. This is for example true for topographical maps: the generalization, use of colours and symbols may represent a personal view of how the data is represented on a map.
  • Also see [1] (2.2.4).

United Kingdom

United States


Rest of the world


The statute for copyright law in Australia is defined in the [Act]

There is no statute law explicitly defining database right in Australia, however such a right has been held to exist. See case law

  • The Australian Copyright Council produces a document on copyright for maps and charts in Australia Information sheet G090.