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Tutor or test prep centre Show/edit corresponding data item.
Group: education
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office=tutoring amenity=school amenity=college

Status: de facto

A tutorial school, test prep center, or cram school is a commercial establishment where a student can receive tutoring independently of the school in which they are enrolled, especially to prepare for a particular examination. Test prep centers are usually part of a chain, and the tutoring curriculum is standardized across the chain. Despite the name of this tag, it is not to be confused with the usual British or American meaning of the term "prep school".


In British and American English, the term "prep school" can have two different meanings that are not covered by this tag:

  • Prep school in the UK, a private school for children, especially boys, between the ages of 7 and 13, who will then usually go to "public school" (a type of private secondary school). Use amenity=school.
  • (College) preparatory school in American English, a type of secondary school for students who plan to attend a university. Use amenity=school.

See also

  • office=tutoring - similar in-use tag for a tutoring centre or the office of an individual tutor for hire
  • amenity=school - a primary, middle or secondary school
  • amenity=college - a institute of Further Education or Continuing Education