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Eifelpark Eifel-Coaster.jpg
Like a summer toboggan, but the sled runs on rails Edit or translate this description.
Group: Tourism
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An alpine coaster is a long chute on the side of a hill, usually built by ski resorts to supplement summer income. Technically an alpine coaster is a type of roller coaster where the sled runs on rails and is not able to leave the track. It's kind of combination of a attraction=summer_toboggan and a attraction=roller_coaster but mapped separatly.

These are attractions for everyone, but when it comes to a sport use sport=toboggan or sport=bobsleigh.

How to map

Draw the way way of the coaster track and add attraction=alpine_coaster.

Further tags

For the attraction

Add a node node at the start or middle of the facility and tag it with

  • tourism=attraction - An object of interest for a tourist, or a purpose-built tourist attraction
  • attraction=alpine_coaster
  • name=* - The primary name: in general, the most prominent signposted name or the most common name in the local language(s)
  • opening_hours=* - Describes when something is open or closed. There is a specific standard format for this data.
The lift for dragging the vehicles uphill


attraction=alpine_coaster is not rendered on many maps. Some mappers add leisure=track also on objects that are not used for racing to force rendering. Please do not use such tagging for the renderer.

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