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Public-images-osm logo.svg boundary = water_protection_area
A water protection area to protect surface water and groundwater from contamination. Show/edit corresponding data item.
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Possible tag for water protection areas and protection zones. These protected areas serve to protect nature or the protection of drinking water by protecting surface water and groundwater from pollution and contamination.

This is a not yet widespread tag, and no Proposal process has taken place. Also see boundary=protected_area and landuse=reservoir_watershed



No level is required for simple water protection areas. A distinction is made between three zones in drinking water protection areas.

  • Zone I (catchment area) includes the direct and mostly fenced facility itself.
  • Zone II (narrower protection zone) encompasses the narrower catchment area of the facility and serves in particular to protect against contamination by pathogenic microorganisms (e.g. liquid manure, waste water, dog droppings).
  • Zone III (further protection zone) usually includes the entire groundwater catchment area of one or more plants and is intended to ensure protection against far-reaching impairments, in particular against chemical contaminants (e.g. settlement, traffic, industry, raw material extraction).

Zone III can in turn be divided into two zones IIIA and IIIB.

There was also a proposal to label such an area as leisure=water_reserve (see DE:Howto_Map_A#Wasserschutzgebiet). However, water protection areas do not serve leisure activities; in zones I and II, these are even restricted by restrictions.

The traffic sign can be tagged as node with traffic_sign=DE:354.



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boundary=water_protection_area (water protection area)
+ level=1 (catchment area)
+ level=2 (narrower protection zone)
+ level=3a (further protection zone up to 2km)
+ level=3b (further protection zone over 2km)

Notice: The key level=* is mainly used for the specification of floors regarding buildings. The use here is unclear in its impact.

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