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Public-images-osm logo.svg man_made = avalanche_protection
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A feature to protect from avalanches or to keep them from going off. Edit or translate this description.
Group: Man made
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This tag is used to map certain features erected to protect hamlets, roads, pistes etc. from avalanches or to keep snow in place, so that there will not be avalanches. It is mostly used for so-called snow bridges (Stahlschneebrücken in German), that make a very prominent appearance in the landscape.

Snow Bridges

Snow bridges are also tagged barrier=avalanche_protection, but in the eyes of the author of this stub, man_made=avalanche_protection is the better fit. The man_made version is also observed earlier in the data[1], starting somewhere in 2011. Besides, the man_made version, at least on a snow-bridge, can additionally be tagged barrier=fence, as indeed, even if the feature was not created as a means to channel human or animal traffic, once erected, it acts that way.

A third way of mapping snow bridges, is starting from a fence and adding fence=avalanche to it. Though very simple, it is a little less common; The difference in total number gets even smaller still, if obvious data imports are taken out of the comparison.

Other Types

For as long as this is a stub, please refer to Taginfo or the overview article, what other features apart from snow-bridges may be tagged like that. avalanche_protection=berm (mapped as an area) and avalanche_protection=gasex (mapped as a point or a short overground pipeline for the outflow and perhaps a small building for the container of the explosives and another underground pipeline connecting them) are known good ones.

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