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Group: Man made
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A beehive is built mostly of wood and is used for keeping honey bees (inbreeding, raising, rearing).

A group or cluster of beehives is called apiary or bee yard.

A bee farm may have one or more apiaries.

How to map

A hive can be mapped as a node node, tagged man made=beehive .

Apiaries are preferably mapped as an area area, tagged landuse=apiary.

One still may map individual beehives within the apiary as man made=beehive nodes.

Apiaries may also be tagged with information about capacity.
for example: landuse=apiary + capacity=230

Additional tags

  • operator=* - Company or beekeeper's name
  • seasonal=* - Beehives are located seasonally (migratory beekeeping)
  • capacity=* - Number of beehives


  • iD-editor: ID-man-made-beehive.svg

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