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Public-images-osm logo.svg craft = beekeeper
Imker bei der Kontrolle und Säuberung eines Bienstocks.JPG
A workplace of a beekeeper (apiarist) Edit or translate this description.
Group: Crafts
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Status: in use

A beekeeper's workplace. A beekeeper (apiarist) is a person who keeps honey bees for the purposes of securing commodities such as honey, beeswax or pollen. A beekeeper might also rent hives and bees to farmers for pollination. Examples of places to tag with craft=beekeeper: the home of the beekeeper (if they work there) or a special building where they work. The beekeeper might sell their products from their workplace, but there is no established tag yet to indicate this without doubt.

Related tags

An apiary or bee yard is a place where one or more man-made beehives are kept. Consider tagging the apiary with landuse=apiary or man_made=apiary (see discussion of this proposed feature). Individual beehives could be tagged with man_made=beehive (and has been tagged in the past according to taginfo), but hives might be moved around by the apiarist frequently, such that individual tagging might not add any value.

A bee mating station is tagged man_made=bee_mating_station. This is a place where queen bees are fertilized by selected male bees. Usually on islands or in a radius of 7 to 10 km there is no other apiary allowed.

If there is an exhibition, you can use tourism=museum and museum=apis mellifera.