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Imker bei der Kontrolle und Säuberung eines Bienstocks.JPG
The workplace of a beekeeper (apiarist). Edit or translate this description.
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A  beekeeper's workplace. A beekeeper (apiarist) is a person who keeps honey bees for the purposes of securing commodities such as honey, beeswax or pollen. A beekeeper might also rent hives and bees to farmers for pollination. Examples of places to tag with craft=beekeeper: the home of the beekeeper (if they work there) or a special building where they work. The beekeeper might sell their products from their workplace, use shop=honey in this case.

Rendering Proposal

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Color should be the dedicated color for craft.

See also

  • landuse=apiary or man_made=apiary - for an apiary or bee yard, a place where one or more man-made beehives are kept. See discussion of this proposed feature.
  • man_made=beehive - for individual beehives. Consider that hives might be moved around by the apiarist frequently, such that individual tagging might not add any value.
  • man_made=bee_mating_station - for a bee mating station, a place where queen bees are fertilized by selected male bees. Usually on islands or in a radius of 7 to 10 km there is no other apiary allowed.
  • tourism=museum + museum=apis_mellifera - if there is an exhibition, you can visit.
  • produce=honey - Describes a feature's agricultural output produced though a natural process of growing or breeding (here honey).